My reply to “My reply to the lovely woman who is not a Radical Feminist”

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  • Bella Bailey

    “TERF is a label that …has a concrete consistent meaning. It means “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists”, even though the people this term is applied to are not feminists by virtue of how they attack women.”

    You claim it has a concrete consistent meaning then instantly give an example – within the same sentence – of how its meaning is NOT “concrete consistent”.

    “Cis women are not affected nor threatened by transgender women.”

    Er, what? Physical attacks, physical threats, intimidating women attending meetings, threatening venues with arson and riot, hundreds of tweets threatening beatings, rapes, murders, writing to women’s employers trying to get them sacked (I have seen several such letters); threatening Mumsnet advertisers to withdraw patronage if mums continue to discuss self-ID, listing women and their locations on “to be harassed” lists, getting women questioned by police for “thought crime”. Getting women suspended or ejected from their political party, for “thought crime”. Making women feel too scared to sign a legal letter arising from the Tara Wolf case; the Tara Wolf case itself, a man who beat a female stranger JUST for turning up to a meeting. How is all this “not affecting” us? You are a downright, blatant liar and you KNOW it.

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