‘Transwomen’ are not Women

I met up with my friend Rya Jones over the weekend of 24/25 June and we filmed some video, of which this is the first to be published. The original concept was ‘what does it mean to be trans’ however the new title more accurately represents the finished product.


I think it’s indicative of what a blind alley transgender culture is, when a video like this with the central message of ‘we should listen to and respect women’, should attract criticism for being ‘transphobic’. It’s a lazy criticism, reflecting more an empty ideology that cannot engage with rational argument, an authoritarian ideology that ultimately seeks to do to women exactly what men have been doing to women for millennia, which is to tell women what it is to be a woman.


I have made the observation many times that transgender activism is men’s rights activism, and a wholly negative form of men’s rights activism it is, having itself become the new, socially acceptable form of sexism, misogyny and homophobia. This is a huge step backwards; when I recall the political landscape of the 1980s when young people rallied against sexism, homophobia and misogyny, a reaction against regressive attitudes embedded in society and, in the UK, a reactionary government that in 1988 enacted Section 28, it breaks my heart to see exactly the same sort of attitudes shown by that era’s moral dinosaurs re-emerge under the cloak of transgenderism: virulent homophobia, Victorian beliefs about female brains claiming the biological essentialism of innate gender, and po-faced complaints about ‘sexism against men’ while telling women to shut up and do as they are told.


Transgenderism never addresses the real problem, that it is the system of gender itself which causes real-life problems for transsexuals and transgender individuals, whether through the effect of homophobic attacks by males, street harassment or cultural obstacles to self expression. The perpetrators of such inequities are not women or those of us who are trans and speak out against transgender culture and suffer so much abuse and lateral violence from the transgender community (because when you have no coherent argument to make, violence and abuse are the only weapons you have left). If we are going to address the issues that really cause us difficulties in real-life, we need to name the problem.


Transgender Male Violence

Of course, it doesn’t have to be like this. We don’t have to feel threatened by being able to admit to ourselves and others what we are, and we can ally and support women if we are honest. If we are to view trans rights as civil rights, these can be sustainable only if our claim to these rights are based upon reality, and we are ignoring reality if we are insisting that others see us as something we are not: in the attributed words of Abraham Lincoln, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. These last few weeks I have been reflecting on ‘LGBT Pride’, having seen much controversy again centered around transgender activists. To my mind the abuse, threats, cultural violence and denial of material reality are the antithesis of what it is to have ‘pride’.


If we are going to be able to claim ‘Pride’ of any sort, we need to do so on the basis of material reality and our achievements, not claims to victimhood, magical thinking or sustaining cultural violence. And while we’re at it, we need to regain our sense of humour: lighten up, trannies, this used to be fun and now you’re spoiling it for everyone.


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  • Nike Forsander Lorentsen

    It’s so great you are taking on this problem in the Trans acktivist’s agenda. It must be hurting also for Trans-women like you. Keep on with your good argument’s and job.
    Thank you and big hugs to you.

  • Dee dee

    I knew a trans like you two that’s why when all this first came out I was like who gives a damn with the bathroom thing honestly. That’s why when all of the crazy vitriol toward women came out it felt like a real betrayal.

    Not to mention the identities not based on the reality of biological sex.

    I hadn’t encountered the misogynistic reality denying autogyns yet.

    But it’s nice to see you two. It gives me hope.

    I see a potentially severe backlash in the future that is going to sweep up all trans together and it might be very difficult if not impossible to recover from.

    I wish that more in the trans community would drop the non-reality and try allying with women instead of hating us simply because we maintain boundaries and spaces.

    I feel like I’m watching a train wreck and I’m still watching the right to see what their angle is.

    It all seems so intentional.

    • Quack

      I think much of the hatred for women that these people have, was present before they decided they were “trans”. Going transexual just gives them a “legitimate” outlet for it. And such glee they have in being able to express it! “I can punch women, yippee!”, “*I’ll* tell them what feminism is, the whores!”. I’m surprised there’s no T-shirt threatening to fuck some sense into those crazy TERF whore-bitches. REAL feminism, like you feel in your heart and testicles.

      And yeah what the right are gonna do IS worrying. Only takes some enterprising smart right-winger to do some real damage. To ACTUAL, real left-wingers, real feminists, people who are fighting for progress in society on behalf of those it oppresses. Rather than the rights of middle-class white (mostly) men to have their feelings trump reality. To have what THEY say and think, be what everyone else has to live with.

      So now the opinions of men shape reality itself (as far as we’re allowed to talk about it, as far as laws are made). And fighting back makes YOU a right-wing reactionary, homophobic type. What a fantastic bit of manoeuvring that was!

      At least people like Milo Wossname are basically just trolls. He doesn’t have money and power behind him. He’s not speaking on behalf of huge established vested interests, big big money, old and powerful groups of men. Mostly he speaks on behalf of idiot virgins and other trolls.

      If transexuals keep getting more attention, more pandering, then as soon as it’s profitable, the PTB are gonna get a sniff and use it to their advantage. Rule us from both sides, the old right, and the new “left”.


  • zayin

    Thank god for you guys. Many women feel that if the definition of “woman” is broadened to include, well, any male who “”feels”” he is one, then legally women (in the biological sense) will no longer exist, which is not only highly insulting but a dangerous legal and medical precedent.

  • Soulsearcher101

    I wish you would talk to my son who is trapped by this madness, he tried to strangle me because “he was angry”, now in a secure mental health unit having his delusion affirmed……what are parents supposed to do? We are very lost, isolated and frightened. Thank you for speaking the truth Miranda

    • miranda

      I’m sorry for what you are going through. He’s not though being held in an MHU on the basis he’s trans?

      • Soulsearcher101

        No he is in there after 3 years requesting mental health treatment from his uni went ignored, in his vulnerable state he was pounced on by TRA’s as an easy target to manipulate and convince he is trans (he has never had dysphoria until 6 months ago after 24/7 immersion in the trans ideology). He is being treated by National Schizophrenic Fellowship but being released on Monday. The Domestic Violence team are very concerned about my personal safety.

  • Michelle

    I watched this and some of Rya’s other videos just last night.

    All I can say is thanks for bringing some sense to this, we desperately need this dialogue. Your dead right, the activists are acting in a very masculine way and it just isn’t working, we used to be able to create a separation between women and the social concept of women but that seems to be long gone and it’s affecting women’s rights to privacy and safety majorly.

  • Amanda

    Nope. Transwomen are women. I don’t want womanhood to be defined by sex. My vagina is not what makes me a woman. Transwomen are not privilaged, the rates at which they experience sexual abuse and work related discrimination is much higher than cis women. Transwomen help broaden what it means to be a woman. They help illustrate that some discrimination is purely gendered, given that transwomen have much higher rates of being sexually abused than transmen. Your terf rhetoric is weak from a biological, anthropological, and sociological perspective. In many societies there are more than two genders, but thanks for your hateful ahistoric view of the matter.

    • miranda

      Your words are just polemic. There is no hate in what I am saying. Why can’t ‘transwomen’ broaden what it means to be a man? Surely this would be better for everyone, ‘transwomen’ included?

      • Samantha

        Because we aren’t men, so it makes no sense that our experience broadens the definition of men? Trans women are women, trans men are men. Trans men are the ones who broaden men’s experiences. Trans is a prefix just like black or Jewish or gay, it’s not a a separation but an intersection.

        • miranda

          Except that a black woman, a Jewish woman and a gay woman are born with a female reproductive system. Massive difference. Can you not see this ideology goes nowhere?

          • Deborah

            Thank you. I have nothing against trans people but I’m horrified by the erasure of biological reality from the discussion. Can a male bodied adult simply declare that they identify as ‘female’ and automatically appropriate women’s spaces and womanhood? Is said person a ‘woman’ at the point of identification as a woman w/o regard to physical transition? When I asked these questions I was called a terf, ‘gross’, ‘transphobic’ and so on. Not only that, women who were also raising the question were accused of being responsible for the murder of trans women (even though the perpetrators are cis men who don’t have any particular interest in feminism).

        • Cala

          You are just not understanding.

          Women are not people who fail at or don’t identify with masculinity. We are not “non-men.”

          Broaden the definition of men, get rid of the man box, and male-bodied people can like knitting, wearing dresses and crying at sappy movies, too. They can like having sex with men or even getting fake breasts. Maybe they want to take hormones and have surgeries to appear more like women and solve a mind/body disconnect. That would be okay for men too.

          Women are ALSO not people who identify with femininity. This is offensive.

          You are not women, you are trans males, which is to say either female-body identifying males (transsexuals) or femininity identifying males (transgender). You may work to resolve your dysmorphia, but can’t expect the world to revolve around alleviating your dysphoria (expecting this probably does not help trans mental health outcomes). Many people will be nice and use your pronouns, which is a level of consideration (some would say enabling) more than people with other distressing psychological conditions receive, but erasing biological sex categories? Demanding access to women’s spaces and bodies based on your internal feelings? Erasing the origins of female oppression to suit your narrative? Erasing reality to suit your narrative? That is beyond selfish, it’s evil.

    • Cala

      “the rates at which they experience sexual abuse and work related discrimination is much higher than cis women” ha ha ha ha, I am crying with laughter

    • Rudy

      ” I don’t want womanhood to be defined by sex. ”
      Yes, nothing should be defined by it’s actual definition.

  • Fernanda Florentino

    Omg! thank you for that! You’re both beautiful souls! trans agenda is dangerously dividing the feminism, It’s awful.

  • Redpeachmoon

    Thank You both!
    Refreshing and never before heard sanity and consideration.
    Best wishes.

  • Julia Lucas

    Not to mention “who cares?” Are we going to tell an organization supporting black women to stop focusing on black women and focus more on Native women because they are at a higher risk of rape? Of course not. I also don’t by that transwomen experience higher rates of violence, given the violent pornification of women’s bodies and the prolific spread of the sex industry, which mainly impacts women very violently (it is bodies with vaginas which are the main demand of men and the main focus of sex traffickers). Throw this in with what we are losing in reproductive rights – which I consider a form of violence against women – and I say we are at least tied. But again, it should be irrelevant, because violence against one group does not mean we don’t talk SPECIFICALLY against the violence of another group.


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