This Is An All-Out Political War: The Gender Recognition Act and Beyond

We are having our language, sexual autonomy and freedom of thought, speech taken away from us. This is an all-out political war.

‘The Labour Party Is No Longer A Safe Place For Women’ – Venice Allan

This will be the most stupidest thing you read this year, thanks to the surreal and bizarre line of questioning by the Labour official.

Ma Vie En Rose: Ruth Hunt’s Rose-Tinted Trans*Goggles and the anti-Woman Politics of Stonewall

It is indecent when you diminish rhetorical and physical violence against women, and cannot address the systematic bullying of lesbians by straight and transgender men.

Cross-dressing All The Way To The Top: Where All The Transvestites Have Gone.

Sexualised appearance to the contrary (as the images show) Bunce has likely left his sexually active cross-dressing phase behind him and is now entering a comfortable ‘middle aged’ relationship with the ‘woman’ that is himself: this is his equilibrium.

So Brave, So Stunning: Pippa Bunce, the Transvestite Rebranded

So our dear friend Pippa Bunce is in the news again because he has, unbelievably…

How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom

Although the video above is not directly related to this piece, within it I discuss…