A Formal Challenge to Morgane Oger and Brad Dirks to Debate Transgender Issues

“The Queen’s Challenge”

Miranda Yardley and Jenn Smith are hereby challenging Morgane Oger and Brad Dirks to a structured, live, online debate on issues related to Transgender Ideology.

The title of the debate was conceived as a result of the fact that the Queen is the head of state for both Britain and British Columbia and thus all participants are either subjects or citizens of the Common Wealth under her Royal Majesty’s watchful eye.

Proposed Debate Lineup:


Morgane Oger.

Morgane is a transsexual, Vice President of British Columbia’s New Democratic Party, recipient of the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal, public speaker and activist.


Miranda Yardley.

Miranda (on the far right of the photo) is a writer, public speaker, has presented to British Parliament on transgender issues, and is also transsexual. Miranda is known for taking a strong no-nonsense approach and has written extensively on the subject of transsexual and transgender identity. MirandaYardley.com


Brad Dirks.

Brad Dirks is a former TEDx Public Speaker, an activist, and tireless supporter of the affirmative model for adolescent transition and the SOGI 123 school program. Brad is the parent of a transgender youth and has been featured in many newspaper and television news stories across Canada.


Jenn Smith.

Jenn is a transgender identified male, a writer and activist that opposes all child and adolescent medical transition. While Jenn has never received a medal from the Governor General, he has degrees in history and political science, has given countless public talks across British Columbia, recently began writing articles for the Post Millennial National News, and has staged protests in Victoria against the SOGI 123 program.

The structure, rules, date and time, and moderation details for this debate have not yet been set, nor have all those invited accepted the challenge.

7 Replies to “A Formal Challenge to Morgane Oger and Brad Dirks to Debate Transgender Issues”

  1. This would be fabulous, we owe our youth a better alternative to the current ‘transition or die’ ; we owe women better than ‘move over sit down and shut up’ and this can never be achieved without we first begin questioning, talking and debating.

    I hold out little hope, though. A great deal of the trans activist arguments do not stand up to scrutiny and yet TRAs hold great political whack. Why should they ever give that up, compromise, or listen in any way to an alternative view?

  2. Maybe this could be of help!

    Here is a website that directly goes over the contradictions and loopholes showed in trans* discourse and presents a cohesive way of understanding gender using photos and cross-cultural examples.
    It is for the average reader and audience who is confused at the incoherence in the discussions and is definitely worth a read. We hope it could be shared around and bring some light.


    Also, good luck thank you for your courage to stand at the forefront with your name and reputation exposed during such a time. If only everyone else could speak up.

    If you would, or want to if you’re interested, could you use your platforms to share the work around to get it more openly known for a wider audience to visibly grasp the hyper-contradictions of the discourse that many can feel as it itches the back of their minds but have a difficulty voicing?

    Just one example shown : how could you transition if you already are a woman? The concept of transition and being transgender is based on the genders being of a certain sex of which they must change sex (and are ‘contrary to’/’not matching’) to be like the gender; showing that the gender is of a certain sex, of which they are not, thus are not the gender prior to any sort of transition of which the transition process doesn’t even change reproductive function, sex. Basically they entire ‘logic’ is based on the ‘wrong body’ which requires women and men to have different bodies for such a concept, where they do in fact have the wrong body which is why everyone is saying (you’re not a female), they are not the gender (a woman); they have the wrong body to be a woman.

  3. I was told recently that Morgane Oger is “quite willing to have a real and meaningful dialogue” on trans issues. Has there been any response to this challenge? I am hopeful!

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