“But women commit sexual offences too…”

Prison population statistics show approx 1/40-1/30 of crimes committed by incarcerated women are sexual in nature, compare this to men and it’s around 1/6.5At 31 March 2016, 120 women were in prison for sex related crimes. The male population was 13,114 which is 110 times more than the female population. The general population comprises 51% female and 49% male.

The size of the women’s population would also include males who identify as women. We are not told if there are any in these figures, so the figure of 120 in an upper limit.

This therefore is definitely a man problem.


“Prison Population Statistics”, House of Commons Briefing Paper SN/SG/04334 published 4 July 2016

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  1. Miranda is there any way to find out the numbers of transgender males are being recorded as female offenders? The office of statistics is apparently unaware that the metropolitan police have been reporting offenders by gender identity and not biological sex since 1998…? its happening in the media too.

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