‘Challenging Opinions Podcast’: The Black Holes at the Centre of Transgender Ideology

I recently did this podcast interview with the ‘Challenging Opinions‘ host William Campbell.

Within this interview I challenge some of the key ideas in transgenderism. I criticise Nick ‘Natalie’ Parrot, aka ContrAGPoints, who in true manly fashion believes being a woman is merely a feeling and that women should stand aside for men who say they’re women: privilege, much? I move on to address a load of other issues that are current in trans politics, including the harsh conflict between transgender ideology and the real world.

I speak about my Twitter ban for stating the fact that Aimee Challenor is a man (even though he describes women as ‘non-males’) and that making morally neutral factual statements is not mean. I also speak about how pronouns are only a big deal if your ideology is full of holes, how we can’t address rights conflicts if we ignore reality and how the claims of violence and murder against trans people is political leveraging by mainly white political opportunists. If we are going to address the murder of poor black and Hispanic transgender women, we need to address the poverty, survival prostitution and homophobia which causes these murders. Indulging the needy cries of a bunch of white, middle-class heterosexual transgender activists is going to do fuck all to help past and future victims.

I also address the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act 2004, explain how a Gender Recognition Certificate is not necessary and why the original law is at best silly and anyway is profoundly unfair. I advocate for a solution to be found that involves strengthening existing anti-discrimination laws and the abolition of the GRA.

I hope you enjoy this discussion, which I think went very well, and if you are trans and questioning what this means, please feel free to contact me: you’re not alone in thinking this misogynist, racist and homophobic ideology sucks ass.

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