From lesbian and gay liberation to equality

This was my speech at the well-attended inaugural meeting of the LGB Alliance at Conway Hall in London on the evening of 22 October 2019.

What is liberation? Freedom from artificial and unfair barriers. For lesbians and gay men this is sexual liberation, the freedom to love the people we want to love.

This was achieved at a cost: Pride was a protest, what started fifty years ago on Christopher Street in New York as a protest, the uprising of the untermensch, and this has now changed beyond recognition: everyone now wants a piece of the lesbian and gay rights.

Equality is the social levelling of neoliberalism, and along with diversity and inclusion, these are the breadcrumbs we have been given to placate us, instead of the freedom we have fought for we have a collection of buzz words that are used to define what social interactions are permissible.

When lesbians and gay men fought for liberation, we did not fight to be called heterosexual and we did not fight for admittance to the heterosexual lifestyle. And, here we are, five years after equal marriage, that final club the heterosexuals allowed us to enter, the final piece of the jigsaw that allowed the outlaws of lesbians and gay men, to join the greatest institution most significant in maintaining the status quo.

We fought for liberation, and were given heterosexuality as our model.

Homosexuality has become a dirty word. Stonewall tell us that anyone can be trans and any male-bodied trans person can be a lesbian, because the most important factor is ‘trans women are women’. Lesbians are told their meetings, their clubs, their romantic lives, have to be inclusive and accepting to ‘trans women’, because equality. Aversion to girl dick is as bad as racism.

Gay men are slowly finding women who want to become gay men are becoming part of their world, again because inclusion, and their culture is being chipped away at as heterosexual transgender men demand inclusion to gay culture: either you like ‘boy vag’ or you’re a bigot. Boy vag or bigot.

Ruth Hunt, for her hundred thousand a year pieces of silver, has sold lesbians and gay men out to girl dick and corporate cock.

Lesbians and gay men and not being erased, we have always, and always will be, here. Our culture and our social and bodily autonomy is under attack. Thirty years ago, out of protest and in the shadow of section 28 Stonewall UK was set up to advocate for the rights of lesbians and gay men, to fight for our sexual liberation.

And ironically, Stonewall is at the heart of the cultural force that is sending lesbians and gay men underground. Ruth Hunt, for her hundred thousand a year pieces of silver, has sold lesbians and gay men out to girl dick and corporate cock.

Stonewall has betrayed lesbians and gay men and must be pulled down.

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  1. Hopefully the lgb alliance can make the changes needed….that will safeguard both women and children ….and hopefully the true transsexual can find the peace and the recognition earned…..good luck everyone…..

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