How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom

Although the video above is not directly related to this piece, within it I discuss the real life situation where lesbians, homosexual women, are being denied their own political and sexual identity, to the benefit of heterosexual men, by the very groups set up to support them.

This was a talk I gave to the Essex Feminist Collective meeting in Colchester, Essex on 21 June 2018. The meeting opened with the meeting convener explaining to the women present that the ‘trans issue’ had derailed the ability of the group to undertake feminist work, work that centres females. I opened my talk emphasising that transgender people are human beings, and what sucks is transgender ideology. Anyway, here’s the raw text…

We have been reminded this year of the fight for women’s suffrage, one hundred years since The Representation of the People Bill was passed, allowing women over the age of 30 and men over the age of 21 to vote.

The year before this on International Women’s Day 1917, striking workers in Russia, many of whom were of course women, took to the streets to protest against food shortages and the war. The protests spread, within a week the Tsar was gone and so began the 1917 Revolution.

If you think one hundred years on the battle is over, you’re wrong: there is a greater threat now to the rights of women than at any other time in history.

The first casualty of war is truth, in the last world war propaganda was used as an instrument of subversion. Through the Cold War the same pattern continued, with propaganda being used not just to control a country’s own citizens but to influence the world stage.

We are in the middle of a world-wide propaganda war. This war is an all-out political war against women and girls, and is being waged on behalf of men who believe they too are women. Liberals, conservatives and the left have fallen for this propaganda, which has a simple rhetorical message of ‘trans women are women’ yet ironically has made the reality of biological sex unutterable.

What went wrong?

Liberation movements have been replaced with groups that claim to campaign for equality, and it is equality, as well as ‘discrimination’, ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ which are being used to extend hierarchical oppression laterally.

What does this mean? It means the old-fashioned oppression of women under gender, as hierarchical cultural stereotypes, has been replaced with a far more insidious weapon of oppression: women oppressing women.

I am going remind you of Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which I suspect many of you are familiar with.

Gilead has a patriarchal system, a theonomic system governed for the benefit of men. Notice I didn’t ‘by’ men; here, just like now, men get women to do their dirty work for them. The handmaids are indoctrinated by these women, ‘Aunts’, and the handmaids are themselves the victim of oppression: Aunts represent the systemic power, the Aunts oppress the handmaids.

Language is all important in the political control of a population: this is the lesson behind Orwell’s ‘1984’ and to understand what led Orwell to his novelised ideas, I’d recommend his short essay ‘Politics and the English Language’:

He said:

“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

‘Equality’, ‘discrimination’, ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘empowerment’ are all political language.

Here’s what they mean:


Someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, likely looking to take something from you


Is a human right, but now we are told it is bigotry


Is an empty idea, it never includes diversity of opinion, everyone is expected to think exactly the same way


Means you relinquish any autonomy you thought you had over your own boundaries


Your body is mine to buy.

There’s nowhere this is biting harder than in the effect transgender ideology is having on our culture. Transgender ideology is the new twist to patriarchy, where mainly white, heterosexual males claim to be the most oppressed social category and so demand special treatment.

Mumsnet, a site set up to support mothers, women: moderation guidelines now make biological sex unmentionable,
Cancer Research uses the expression ‘anyone with a cervix’ instead of woman, in order to avoid offence

Yet being a woman, an adult human female, or a man, an adult human male, are morally neutral states.

The baggage which causes offence comes from cultural meaning.

We need to attack this cultural meaning and broaden its bandwidth – this is proper ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ as it affirms a real equality of opportunity: women can be strong, men can be nurturing. Neither are objectified because of their biological sex.

Instead we get the reframing of disagreement as hate:

A report was released this week which described Women’s Aid’s wish for women only to staff women’s shelters, as being the actions of a transphobic employer.

Women’s sports are being opened to men, as we have seen:
Mixed Martial Arts – what sort of man transitions so he can hit women?

The physical danger of male bodied people being involved in contact sport makes their unfair competitive advantage secondary to the physical risk posed to women.

This culture of male dominance extends to sexual autonomy: your genital preferences are transphobic, prostitution is cool career choice.

There should be no surprise that transgenderism is intertwined with the prostitution lobby: transgenderism is a men’s sexual rights movement which makes personal identity from objectification.

This is the meaning behind the rhetoric of ‘trans women are women, end of’. What this means is ‘give men control of women’s spaces and women’s bodies NOW’.

See how this relates to

‘Equality’ – I want what you have

‘Discrimination’ – is no longer a human right, it is the deadliest sin

‘Diversity’ – of everything aside from thought. In particular
‘diversity’ means accepting men into womanhood

‘Inclusion’ see discrimination – you are no longer allowed to set personal or even sexual boundaries. Say goodbye to female homosexuality, which swept aside to accommodate the womanly female penis.

‘Empowerment’ as Newspeak for sexual submission.

This movement is being normalised by targeting children

Infiltration of schools by groups putting ideology before safeguarding child welfare and clinical science.

Groups such as GIRES, Gendered Intelligence, Mermaids. In Essex, Transpire.

These organisations are not on your side, and they certainly are not on your children’s side.

They are opportunist organisations run for the benefit of the adults who run and support them. We need to bring them down.

The worst culprit is Stonewall, which under Ruth Hunt’s leadership has become possibly the most evangelically homophobic organisation in Britain. Stonewall has ceased to represent the interests of lesbians and gay men, and bisexuals of either sex.

Stonewall needs to be brought down.

To sell their regressive transgender ideology, these organisations use outright lies including bogus statistics about suicide. They are incredibly homophobic. They perpetuate the myth that there is a single cause of what is called ‘transgender’. This itself is an outright lie.

They are going into schools and telling children their bodies are wrong for their personality types.

They are threatening the parents of these children with child suicide.

This is irresponsible, and unbelievably cruel.

Remember, this is 2018. 100 years since suffrage.

Yet when women organise to meet and discuss proposed changes to the law, there are demonstrations by masked ‘antifa’-style protestors, by the ‘Aunts’ from Sisters Uncut. Women are threatened and even subjected to physical violence. The venues are harassed, to make them pull the event. The employers of the speakers and attendees are contacted and complaints made to try and get women sacked. There are even bomb threats.

Equality means anything women have, men can have too.

Treating everyone equally is one of the most unfair things you can do.

If you discriminate over who you share your spaces with, even your most intimate sexual spaces, you are a bigot.

Diversity means that men can be women, and men can tell women they are doing ‘woman’ wrong.

Inclusion means your most personal of boundaries no longer have any meaning.

We are sold this newest, most regressive oppression under the shiny happy banner of ‘social justice’, ‘modern or third wave’ feminism and ‘equality’.

Pseudo-anarchists and pseudo-socialists oppose sexism, unless it’s transgender males sexualising and objectifying women.

Pseudo-anarchists and pseudo-socialists oppose capitalism, unless it’s a capitalism based on a woman selling her own body.

These women are doing the work of patriarchy.

Remember, this is 2018. 100 years since suffrage.

You are a fool if you are fighting for equality: everyone kept in a prison is equal, but nobody is free. Forget equality, fight for liberation and smash the system.

Now, more than at any time in history, a woman’s place is not just in the revolution, the woman’s place IS the revolution. The fight starts here.


Much of the Q&A focused on the phenomena of autogynephilia. I believe it is central to understanding transgender ideology to understand the paraphilic sexual orientation that lies behind the decision most of these men make to ‘live as women’. Necessary reading would include ‘Becoming What We Love’ by Anne Lawrence. I have also written extensively on the subject, of my own work I would suggest the following:

Pornography And Autogynephilia In The Narratives Of Adult Transgender Males
What Autogynephilia is, and what is it not; a brief note
A History of Autogynephilia
‘Drop The T’ and the Great LGBT Sell-Out

I have also written of how third wave feminism benefits men.

Of particular concern was the apparent willingness for adults and in particular schools to uncritically validate trans identities. Anyone concerned about this will benefit immensely from the following:

Gender Dysphoria is not one thing‘ an excellent post on the 4th Wave Now website which explains how transgender is not one thing, what the different types are and what you can do to help your child. The work here on ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ is of immediate importance.

There is a lot of misinformation about the desistance rates of ‘transkids’ most of whom simply grow out of it, although of course transgenderists are reliant on this being otherwise. This piece by Jesse Singal looks at what we really know about desistance:
A Lot of People, Myself Included, Have Been Misreading the Single Biggest Published Study on Childhood Gender Dysphoria Desistance and Persistence — It Offers Stronger Evidence for Desistance Than We Thought

Transgendertrend is a first-class resource for parents who have children who claim to be transgender. This website is invaluable.

10 Replies to “How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom”

  1. thank you miranda
    you are my new hero..many of us cis women…we love
    thank you for ACTUALLY being on the side of women & putting women first…as it should needs to happen…as will be the only thing that can save us as human beings from patriarchy & the Earth (healing & empowering women & mamas and tribal people & their disappearing wisdom)…
    its so fking scary to be a woman right now whi has any opinion like this & so many trans activists (most of whome are not even trans) SILENCE women & even threaten or in some cases actually hurt..
    i have seen some scary shit but the scariest is how covert this misogny is..the fact that it’s an issue affecting the extreme minority of people who are trans women trumping (how ironic) the issues of cis women or their rights to be protect themselves and children..or even just fking TALK about what protects women and children..
    i could go on & on but i think this real world experience is a great metaphor for what is happening to cis women who speak up or are even proud of their vaginas or breasts or for other cis women…
    my son’s and all his friends schools (in portland oregon in the US) are going through a trend of kids questioning gender & being trans..which is definately great for diversity & inclusion..but also definately a trend wherin some kids jump on the bandwagon & some parents (like my neighbor who parties & drinks EVERY day) are actually pushing their kids into the trans role. (my neighbor had a daughter who was lesbian & dating a girl..automatically makes many now say ‘o’maybe you are a boy since you like girls’.. since the girl transitioned from a girl to a boy the mom has talked about how her son has always been “tomboy” which was not true as i knew the girl for years & as mom said this her childs old girly pink backpack & pink converse were sitting in a pile of girl stuff she was getting rid of…
    & mom has confided in me that her now son thinks that my son is really damn cute & that she had to stop her trans son (biological girl) from that mistake & remind him that he was attracted to girls now.
    this mom is giving her teenager shots & meds to supress puberty & be more manly (testosterone). It is all so sad to me how trendy this is and some of the parents i see who are guiding their kids or PUSHING them or going through horrific & dangerous medical proceedures with them..i feel certain that some of them have something akin to Munchausen by Proxy syndrome…they are getting all kinds of drama & attention
    …that, however is not the metaphore i was getting at ..excuse the tangent
    in all the public schools here there is a wave of kids who are trans & the norm is to accept & cater to them (a great step in the right direction of tollerance!)…but no one is allowed to speak of the errasure of women & girls by the trans activism..of them refusing to go to the womens march & join feminism …because pussy hats were considered transfobic…and the like
    the metaphoris the school in portland we visited to see a play of my son’s friend. During the play i went to use the toilet (bathroom) and found out that the only one available to me as a women was the all inclusive..ANYONE can use bathroom. It used to be the girls bathroom, the boys still had their own bathroom but the girls was taken away from girls and now anyone can use it…and EVERYONE DOES!..not just trans girls..hetero boys too…it was a really gross disgusting mess (& i am not a clean freak) and it was so sad to see that these poor girls had only this bathroom to use while the boys still had their own safe spaces.
    THIS exactly mirrors the problem with trans activism & how it is or can be misogynistic & erase cis women & girls..most ironically by biological males .
    I wont even get into the threats (because i used to write womyn as womyn (since i studied feminism in college &, apparently, that identifies women as “terfs” instantly..that & being proud of woman parts) ..threats of “choke on my female penis” & “i punch terfs” & how fking scary it is to be threatened by trans women who truly feel like angry misogynistic men when they get pissed & threaten violence :(..

    so..THANK you are a voice of sanity in a turbulent scary sea of insanity & covert misogyny..
    if it werent for trans women like you..many called trans exclusionary who actually aren’t would probably have become so after the shit we have been dealing with.
    You are wise & wonderful..thank you so much for speaking up for cis women.

    1. May I just say. I feel for you. I am sorry you are being subjected to being in the centre of this effed up craze.
      Please don’t let them silence or convert your language (in safe space) cis like TERF is an insult, intended to demean & subjugate biological females.
      I feel it is important that we refuse to think of or term ourselves that way. However you spell it we are what we are & if they want to claim that name there’s not much we can do except refuse to hand it over & rename ourselves in their vision.
      I wish you strength to forbear.

  2. Yay, Miranda, way to go, superb article!

    I’d love to go to this talk, but I live in the back of beyond in Scotland
    and it is too far, but hope it goes well.


  3. I love your work, words, ethos Miranda, thank you.
    Isn’t discrimination, when not used politically the ability to tell one thing from another?

  4. Thank you so much, Miranda, for your consistently nuanced and incisive take on the issue. I’m a lesbian mother who is too scared of my family being doxxed, to expose my real identity online. But you put yourself on the line all the time. I’m so grateful to call you an ally, and give you full credit and respect.

  5. I just found your website. I’m a mother of an 18-month old daughter, and it’s coming home to me that this bizarre trend is something I might really need to protect her from. I want her to feel proud and free to express herself in any way she wants without considering whether that means she needs to cut into or permanently alter her beautiful body. Thank you so much for speaking out with so much clarity and bravery. I really appreciate it.

  6. Excellent, thorough and powerful post. I am sending your writing to my brainwashed genderist friends and it is failing to deprogramme them 🙁 Maybe it needs more unicorns?

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