Why I Am Permanently Banned From Twitter And Why This Should Make You Worry

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

attributed to George Orwell

I have been permanently banned from Twitter. The reason for this ban is given as follows:

Violating our rules against hateful conduct.

You may not promote violence against, threaten or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.

What merits a permanent Twitter ban on the grounds of ‘hateful conduct’?


Aimee Challenor is the LGBTQIA+ spokesman for the Green Party. Aimee is a ‘trans woman’, which means Aimee is by definition male. s212 of the Equality Act defines “man”as follows:

Aimee is also a grown-up, which makes Aimee an adult human male.

Aimee Challenor is a man.

According to the rules of Twitter, it is now ‘hateful conduct’ to call someone who is a man, a man. The implication of this is that the concept of proscribed speech, things we are now not allowed to say, now extends to the truth. This is fundamentally illiberal.

“To tell the truth, to arrive together at the truth, is a communist and revolutionary act.”

Unsigned, written by Antonio Gramsci in collaboration with Palmiro Togliatti, L’Ordine Nuovo, 21 June 1919.

It’s interesting the rules about what is hateful appear not to extend to one glaringly obvious category – biological sex. And it is this that reveals the real agenda that lies behind this curtailment of freedom of speech and the ability to state the truth:

This is not about me. This is part of a much larger, broader attack on the rights of women.

If women are now no longer able to publicly acknowledge that an adult human male is a man, this takes away from women the ability to describe their own lived lives: they can no longer use meaningful language to describe their interactions with members of the dominant sex class:

  • Women lose the language and ability to differentiate between themselves and the dominant sex class;
  • Women lose the language and ability to describe themselves even as women;
  • Women lose the language, right and ability to describe the perpetrators and acts of sexual violence;
  • Women lose the right to challenge the sexual enslavement and exploitation of members of their own sex class.

We are in a world of proscribed truth and compelled thought. Whatever your political stance, this should should strike you cold with terror.


I won’t be returning to Twitter (permanent ban and all) but you can find me on Facebook and Gab. You can also find me on Discord as MirandaYardley#9143.

You can hear me speak about this and my other ideas here:

Challenging Opinions: Miranda Yardley on a Different Trans View‘ 11 June 2018

Here I go even further in saying what has now become unsayable.

96 Replies to “Why I Am Permanently Banned From Twitter And Why This Should Make You Worry”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this Miranda! This is deeply troubling… silencing all voices that are raising concerns or doubts isn’t my idea of democracy… this looks more like totalitarianism…

    1. What’s so funny? The micro-penis you got hanging there, that you’re so ashamed of you’re hoping one day you can afford to lop it off? It’s only twitter bro, get a hold of yourself lol.

    2. After decades of claiming “gender is a social construct” when it suited them, feminists should indeed reap what they sowed… even when it’s inconvenient. Welcome to the “truth” you made, ladies.

      1. Gender IS a social construct.

        What these twits at Twitter and elsewhere are arguing is that gender is a biological state. Which is essentially an anti-feminist argument.

        Apparently you’re confused. You might want to do something about that before you attempt political analysis again. You’re obviously thinking of sex and not gender.

      2. You need to seriously educate yourself on Feminism, you haven’t a clue what you are actually talking about. Feminists are still saying ‘Gender is a Social Construct’ you are obviously bereft of all the facts, and unable to differentiate between ‘Sex’ and ‘Gender! Trying reading some books before you publicly embarrass yourself again!

  2. Thank you Miranda for all that you have done and tried to do on behalf of women. I’m sad we didn’t get the chance to know each other better. The offer of a good nights music and tea/beer/wine still stands.
    Love and all the best, munkihanger x

  3. Sorry Miranda, I have always respected you for standing up for woman and children! This is total BS! You can reach me under the same name on Facebook!

  4. Sorry to hear this Miranda, I have a great deal of respect for you. Twitter doesn’t reflect the real world and your ban is sinister. Best wishes and thank you for making a stand.

    1. Rephrased that for you:
      “Why are trans people afraid of you? Maybe because you hound them and spend your life attempting to remove the rights from an already attacked group, simultaneously creating a scapegoat rather than focusing on the real enemy that is the cisgender male.”

      From a transguy, before you start obsesseing weirdly over my genitalia and telling me I have no idea about oppression.

        1. Miranda I have screen caps of you saying mothers and lesbians are fetishists and that prostitution is a fantasy realised for most women (if they’re trans) I also have caps of the reports I made that contributed to your ban. Stop lying and manipulating. I know your narcissism won’t allow you to ever admit you made a mistake but this is sad there are multiple reports of your harassment and you’ve been found guilty of it. Your obsession over being right is destroying you just let it go.

          1. I’ve never called a mother or a lesbian a fetishist. Both however are great examples of autogynephilic fantasy by transgender males – as well you know.

          2. So it makes you feel like a champion to get people banned, because your feelings are more important than facts?

            Trans(women) are fetishists. They now claim drug side effects equals “period”. GTFOOH

      1. If “the cisgender male” is your enemy, why are you all attacking women?

        GTFO here with that disingenuousness.

  5. Disturbed and sorry to learn what has happened on Twitter. The implications for our freedom of expression are indeed chilling, and I fear that being silenced in this way must be distressing, Miranda, despite your strength of character. Best wishes. xx

  6. This is so sick. Men who bombard women with death threats and rape threats are permitted to stay on Twitter – actual Nazis practically live there – and you get kicked off? It shows I guess that social media is fundamentally anti democratic (largely due to who runs it), and that we need desperately to organise in person. You be proud of your work and stay strong.

  7. I’m sorry to hear this, Miranda. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of women and hopefully you will find other social media platforms that don’t censor the truth. Best wishes.

  8. Oh no Miranda this is devastating news for us all. I admire you so much you are a phenomenal intellect and caring person. Love from Georgiexxx aka kiddycapfury

  9. Very scary stuff. There are opinions and there are truths. In our culture the lines between the two are being blurred. Thank you for being a warrior for the truth.

  10. Miranda, I support and admire you for your efforts to advocate and ally with women in their fight to maintain sex based protections and their right to define their own experience of oppression. This latest move from Twitter is a distressing and alarming Orwellian action, that everyone should be made aware of. Free speech, particularly factual free speech, such as the tweet that led to your ban, cannot be upheld as hate. If it is, this holds serious implications for all citizens in society, particularly women.

  11. Welcome to the Gulag.

    You absolutely deserved it. You’re not just “saying the truth” you’re actively attacking people and trying to upset them. All while using bullshit dictionary definitions as your fallacious appeal to authority.

    Why do you even pretend you’re not an asshole Miranda? If you’re going to behave the way you do, at least own it. I did in my article about my permanent suspension – fully owned up to saying mean things I shouldn’t have said. Where are your balls?

    Oh… My bad.

    1. The difference is that you were banned for being an abusive dick, and I was banned for telling the truth.

      Not that I’d expect you to understand anything about this.

      Btw you sound salty as fuck, straight boy 🙂

      Oh… my bad.

      1. You weren’t “telling the truth”. You were being an abusive dick.

        Own it. Or don’t do it. This pathetic worm shit you’ve got going on is a worse look than your actual face.

        1. Calling a man a man is abusive. Right-ho.

          And by all means please do continue to mock my appearance. It shows the level of you.

          1. My level? You literally spam “_____ is a man” then try to act like you’re not doing it to be an asshole, while also playing victim.

            You’re so far below my level that my dunking on you could probably be considered a hate crime. You won’t get another response out of me. I’ll leave you to your self, where hopefully you’ll do some reflecting and finally come to terms with the fact that you are literally stage 4 cancer.

          2. Haha I’ve just seen this, imagine being so incompetent you can’t tell you’re being an embarrassing mess, Cursed. Silly little incel.

    2. Hello there, I’m relatively new to this debate. My understanding of having worked as a doctor for the past 25 years is that your chromosomes organise themselves into male and female as you develop as an embryo. By the time you’re born you’re fully ‘phenotypically’ male or female. (There is hermaphroditism but that’s another story.) just to recap – cis male is genetically and phenotypically male. Now- you can do whatever your heart’s desire to your body and mind but there’s not yet any ability to reverse your genotype or phenotype. You could call yourself a woman but that’s always and only ever going to be a social construct.
      Am I missing something?

  12. Miranda, thanks for sticking your head over the parapet on behalf of women and the defenders of truth and the right to speak the truth. I’ve been fighting my own battle down in the trenches for a few years now and you have been taking the flack in public. Thanks for giving me hope and determination.

  13. So sorry to see you go Miranda! You were a much-needed voice of reason and you will be missed. You have no idea how much your support means.

  14. I am not on Twitter. I am another Transwidow – and friend of “Atranswidow”. I call myself “Scientistranswidow” on Mumsnet.
    Can we help you? Can we write and publicize the absurdity of this ban?
    I have already written and spoken repeatedly to my MP, Andy Slaughter, on the GRA issue. The latest instance was to flag up Dave Lewis’s well-aimed joke on Labour’s All Women Shortlist. He confessed to me in person yesterday that he was “perplexed”. That’s good! I told him that it really WAS that simple…. We’ll see.

  15. this is so orwellian i don’t even know where to begin. what i do know is that you will be sorely missed. we need advocates such as yourself speaking the truth and sticking to facts.

    and i’m not sure, but i may be in the same boat as i type this. twitter is not letting me on at the moment so i’ve not been able to verify.

    but i imagine this is just the beginning of the end for any of us pushing back against the trans agenda. and given what’s happening to posie parker and linda bellos it’s not like we can’t see where this is all headed.

    it’s not enough they silence us…they’re looking to legally punish anyone who resists the narrative as well.

    these are frightening times in which we live. wishing you all the best and will follow you on the sites on which you remain.

  16. perhaps its time to take a backseat , this appears to have taken its toll on you

    hope you bounce back , to get on with your life

    good luck

  17. Miranda very sorry hear this. I greatly admire your contribution to the fight for women’s rights.
    I hope you will keep speaking out elsewhere, gender critical Trans voices are very important in the debate.

  18. you show them Miranda, show everyone you aren’t bothered , might help if you cut down on the profanitys , don’t give anyone the excuse to take everything from you,
    that would be a shame

  19. Nothing much to add, just that I appreciate all you try to do for women and free speech – and that I’m totally incensed at your unjustified Twitter ban. It’s appalling.

  20. Sorry to hear that Miranda and much appreciation for all that you do for transsexuals, women and children. That “Cursed” dude is obviously what we’re all up against.

  21. Miranda, thank you for what you do, and I’m sorry to hear about this.
    These lunatics are dangerous, abusive and being pandered to and given power.
    We live in scary times.

  22. Twitter will be come an irrelevance if they continue to ban debate. If you were banned for calling a man a man then we will all be banned eventually. WTAF. Twitterers think they are the whole world . They need a wake up call and we (women and their supporters) need our own social media forum.

  23. You are a brave soul. As for the situation women find themselves in today ‘The Handmaids Tale’ comes to mind.

  24. Thank you for all you do for women. You are courageous and brilliant, and I admire you immensely. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight, and for educating people about this issue. Take care & be safe.

  25. I don’t know you, or the person you wrote about but I have a question. Why did you write that Aimee Challenor is a man?

    I would like some context, and since I am old, and crap at Twitter, I am asking here.

    Was there a point to be made?

    I don’t know a lot about trans-gender politics, but I do understand the need for a legal authentication for the vast amount of men who have undergone a sex/gender change. With increasing numbers and no particular status, its important n´cest pas?

    That said, I feel Twitter was over-reacting and just wrong.

    1. You can’t change your sex, and since gender is not real, you don’t need any specific procedure to change it. You can just say you’re whatever gender whenever, and it doesn’t actually matter. It’s like a five-year-old saying they’re a dragon one day and a horse the next. It’s pretend.

      So no, there’s no reason to have special status for men who get their bits lopped off or who inject estrogen. If people in their social circles choose to use she/her pronouns to describe them, that’s their choice (I disagree with it, but hey, free speech), but it doesn’t denote actual reality.

      All this to say I do think men who do not conform to gender rules should be protected under law, but laws against sex discrimination cover this already, as they should also cover sexual orientation.

  26. I would love to sign up for a mailing list notifying me when you post a blog.
    I don’t like Gab much and I’ve left Facebook.

    1. Why don’t you grow up? If someone wants to describe themselves as a woman or trans-woman and it’s allowed under the law that’s entirely a matter for them and nothing to do with you or the whiny author of this piece. To contradict that persons identity, publicly and with some obvious intent was done out of badness and nothing more.

      The internet and life in general needs less shit stirrers like Miranda.

      She should stick with her own damn life and leave everyone else to theirs. They’re not exactly causing anyone any harm afterall.

      1. “Woman” is a discrete, material, real-life state of being, not an “identity.”

        “Woman” is:

        1. a human being
        2. who was born with ovaries
        3. and has survived puberty

        You must meet all three criteria to be a woman. You cannot identify as something you are not.

        It does cause women harm when men claim to be women. For starters, it’s changing the crime statistics, which in turn will change public policy when we get so many pervy murders with “female” [sic] perps that an actual woman who killed her abusive partner will get a longer sentence because the courts have become jaded. Calling men women is also affecting sports where more and more women will be shut out because men who can’t cut it in men’s sports are dominating women’s sports instead. This means fewer college scholarships for girls as well.

        You’re not a woman. You have no experience with this and you don’t get to speak for us.

        Technically Miranda isn’t and doesn’t either, but as he’s hit upon the truth and is broadcasting it, I find that acceptable. He’s only saying what we would say in the first place.

        1. 1. A transwoman is a human being.

          2. You were born so ugly the midwife shot your parents.

          3. You haven’t even reached puberty.

          Transwomen are more female than what you will ever be, you inbred, paint-sniffing, retarded waste of sperm.

          Get in the sea and fucking stay there.

  27. How many men do you suppose have been kicked off twitter for calling women bitches, sluts, cunts, whores, hos, (insert female slur here)? I’m thinking roughly ZERO. Yet a man can’t call another man a man because THAT would be “violence.”’

  28. Good on you Miranda I have challenged my suspension too. And on what planet would Twitter use “violation” which is a synonym for rape for a breach of community standards. It suggests that they may have a pro-rape bias.

  29. I enjoy your articles and online talks very much – I’m disgusted that Twitter would ban you. Please keep on being you; you are a genuinely cool part of the world.

  30. I noticed that they don’t mention sex in their protected characteristics
    ‘You may not promote violence against, threaten or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.’

  31. They’re really cracking down on FB too. These Facebook people police people’s friends-only posts, where participation is entirely mutually agreed upon, in order to remove writing they don’t approve of. Not hate speech, not calls for violence. Nothing illegal. Just things they
    don’t like. On your private friends-only posts.

  32. I got permanently banned over a year ago for “targeted abuse”
    Thats how they define people with different opinions than theirs.

    I did not swear I just argued.

    Screw them.

    Twitter needs to go away.

  33. Have read your intelligent analyses of trans issues for a while now and am an admirer of your work. Twitter is just one platform. Your readers will follow you wherever you choose to go. Thank you for speaking the truth.

  34. I am a terf. A healthy fear of what transactivists could do to me in real life is why I have no social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

  35. No surprise Twitter banned a woman critical of a transcisman.
    E.G. http://valleywag.gawker.com/respected-twitter-engineer-dana-mccallum-charged-with-r-1562193427
    At a hearing in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, Dana McCallum, a Twitter engineer and prominent women’s rights and LGBT activist, accepted a guilty plea for two misdemeanors related to the alleged rape of her wife. McCallum, who is a transgender woman, was initially charged with five felonies for the alleged incident, which occurred in January.
    Gawker has since been bankrupted by a suit funded by billionaire Peter Thiel of PayPal, Facebook Donald Trump supporter and data mining Corp Palantir to muffle their reporting on his doings.(Palantir Knows Everything About You – Bloomberg. https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2018-palantir-peter-thiel/ Apr 19, 2018 – Peter Thiel’s data-mining company is using War on Terror tools to track American citizens. … Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, April 23, 2018. Founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel and some fellow PayPal alumni, Palantir cut its teeth working for the Pentagon and the CIA in Afghanistan …). The same Thiel who led/funded the boycott against businesses who wouldn’t support the trans bathroom bill to let female imposters enter women’s bathroom. Peter Thiel’s Palantir Wins $876 Million U.S. Army Contract – Bloomberg. https://www.bloomberg.com/…/peter-thiel-s-palantir-wins-876-million-u-s-army-contr…Mar 9, 2018 – His data-mining startup, Palantir Technologies Inc., won a much-contested contract to provide software to the U.S. Army. Palantir will work with Raytheon Co.)
    Respected Twitter Engineer Dana McCallum Charged With Rape
    Senior Twitter engineer Dana McCallum, a well-regarded advocate for transgender and women’s…
    The misdemeanors were for one count of domestic violence with corporal injury to the spouse (California penal code 273.5) and one count of false imprisonment (code 236). McCallum, whose legal name is Dana Contreras will serve three years probation, 4 days in county jail (with credit for the 4 days already served), 25 hours of community service, counseling for substance abuse, 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling, as well as some minor fees. In court today, McCallum first said “no contest” to the plea, but the District Attorney’s office insisted on a guilty plea. McCallum initially pled not guilty to the felony charges, which included three counts of spousal rape, one count of false imprisonment and one count of domestic violence.

  36. Hey Yardley!

    You got banned from Twitter because you’re an ugly, hateful cunt. You’re so fucking ugly you’d curdle milk in one go.

    Incidentally, I’ve got a mate who is a transwoman. She’s married to a gangland boss. You going to tell her she’s not a woman? I’ll even come to your funeral.

    Go and suck Debbie Hayton’s and Kristina Johnson’s warty smeggy cocks.

  37. Ridiculous.

    I think I would rather Twitter allowed everyone to speak, no matter how vile their content, than that they ban people for speaking reason.

    If we don’t want to hear what someone is saying we can press block. In my view that’s sufficient.

  38. Sounds fair. We also both know you have said a lot more than that. Your preoccupation with the trans community, dictating to them who they are and what their reality is, makes you part of the problem. You stand to lose nothing as a cis woman when equal rights are extended to trans men and women. Your fear and disgust for them underlies your hate speech. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact that your thoroughly demonstrated practice of trans exclusion makes you irrelevant to feminist objectives today.

  39. This only works in *any* way if:
    1. You never tweeted anything else ever. (Which isn’t true)
    2. Maliciously calling her “a man” was not a transphobic attack. (Also not true)
    3. You are a woman.
    3b. But also a man.

    Oh. And the obvious.
    4. This weren’t written on a blog that focuses on why you hate trans people.

    Seriously though. If the only way you can “prove” that you weren’t attacking someone for being trans is by waving around a dictionary, one can only assume you’re entirely aware of the issue here.

    P.s. Usually when people cause inadvertent offence, they apologise.
    They don’t explain (for example) how they were only telling the truth.
    Unless they’re three years old.
    And certainly don’t continue to rant about it and attack the person over a year on. Because that doesn’t exactly scream “it wasn’t hateful”.

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