Jonathan Yaniv is a Predator

Jonathan Yaniv is a trans-identified male involved in the tech industry and has been on a litigious campaign against women in BC. He currently has sixteen open lawsuits against women for refusing to wax his testicles on the basis of “gender discrimination”.

On December 10, Yaniv told Langley Township Council he was personally responsible for the suspension of prominent Canadian feminist blogger Meghan Murphy from Twitter, as well as being responsible for new policy changes on Twitter and WordPress, which have banned women and deleted entire blogs on the basis of punitive action for “misgendering” (correctly identifying sex).

Women have accused Twitter and WordPress of censoring women to protect a misogynist and pedophilic man in the name of “gender equality”.

Yaniv has been accused of reaching out to young girls on social media to give them his phone number. One girl complained to an adult that he made comments of a sexual nature to her, such as asking her to be his girlfriend, which caused her to feel uncomfortable.

Feminists must drop the term “gender equality” as it easily leads to the defense of abusive men and can be used to uphold their “right” to abuse. The notion of gender is not oppressed; the female sex class is oppressed by the male sex class, and men like Yaniv are taking advantage of laws which protect “gender” in the way which they were intended: to prioritize men’s feelings over women’s reality.

Details of one of his vexatious complaints.

Watch this zeta-male knicker-sniffer brag about bullying women.

[All words and images and are not mine, these are from the Rad Fem Fatale page and preserved for posterity].

Here are more examples of sexual predator Jonathan Yaniv hitting on young girls.

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  1. You will be sued for this content. This is defamation. This is your official warning to remove this content without legal action being taken place.

      1. He must live in Langley if he spoke at a council meeting

        RCMP Offices

        Langley RCMP Detachment – 22180 48 A Avenue, Langley, British Columbia
        Phone: 604-532-3200
        Fax: 604-532-3239


        Emergency: 911
        Non Emergency Number: 604-532-3200

      2. Or in radio communications, foxtrot oscar.

        That said, I’d occlude the faces of the innocent parties in that pic. As for the rest, whisky tango foxtrot?

        1. Yes, occlude, especially the little girl. I wonder if she or her parents know he took her picture in a washroom? I wonder if anyone has sent this pix to the RCMP? Also note, the women standing in line to use a toilet don’t need a man in there, spending a lot of time playing with himself in one of those stalls hoping someone with tits out comes along.

          1. The photo must have been taken in the States as you can see it’s being called a “restroom” on the sign affixed to the mirror you can partially see in the pic.

      3. Superb riposte! Best Christmas present by far!

        Yaniv, you are a man and a risk to the welfare and safety of women and even more so to children. You’re a predator and a danger.
        So sue me.

      4. SO, IMHO. this human does not represent men in the slightest. This human is evil and should be treated as such. Don’t get so wrapped up into “it’s” delusion and insanity. It feeds off of it…like a succubus. just another waste of matter.. Sorry you’re going through any of this. Be strong and try to divert or redirect away form “IT” LLAP (Live Long and Prosper)

        1. I don’t believe in dehumanizing those we don’t like. He is a man. Simply a man. He’s an awful man, but still a man. He isn’t an “it”. He is not a monster. He is just a man. An evil pedophile of a man.

          1. “HEYY NOW !, don’t lump him in with US !, that’s NOT a man.”. (unfortunately, not a woman either). Just a sicko with a predilection for young girls.. WOWWW !!

      5. Wow never heard of him until today, but is this JY guy a pedo?
        You would imagine it won’t be long before he’s locked up in a prison with other male predators with this kind of behaviour!

        1. The problem is he would be locked up in a womens prison because that is what our society does now to ‘protect’ his rights since he identifies a women. So what about the actual women (or real trangender males that aren’t obsessed with seeing naked women and looking for “strings hanging out”). Sick! He is clearly into women and this is a ploy to see other women naked because he is too ugly (inside and out) to get a women as the man he actually is.

          1. He is into woman. Search him up on facebook, Jessica Yaniv, and just scroll down a bit. You’ll see that he’s shared a picture with a caption saying “100% lesbian”….

        2. Still suffering JY? Wish you could share pads with little girls? Your obsession with tampons is disturbing… Don’t think we don’t know that this, and the first comment, came from you.
          You will never need pads or tampons, so stop asking… Even for a friend. You’re pathetic, and make life harder for the transgendered.

      6. Miranda, don’t listen to his stupid ass. He ain’t sueing anyone. What possible case would he have? He chose to send those messages on social media. He knew that what he willfully sends someone has the potential of being public. Even if he tried to sue you he would quickly be laughed out of the court room and hopefully locked the fuck up!! #lockupyaniv

      1. I’ve got tons of tampax. Can I just send you a few boxes Jonny’s-BOY? Doing all I can to keep you and your fetish away from the young girls.

      2. Not just any tampons.

        OB tampons, which are inserted by hand/finger.

        They don’t have an applicator for insertion afaik.

    1. Hey JY, Why do you want to look at little girls vaginas in women’s restrooms? You sick perverted piece of shit. Prison is in your future.

    2. How is posting YOUR OWN WORDS defamation?

      Women have the right to avoid you. We also have the right to warn each other in an effort to protect little girls from you.

    3. Hey Jonathan!

      I’m 11 and I just got my period and I’m so scared. I hear you’re an expert of helping little girls insert tampons. I like your suggestion about “masturbating first to get wet so I can put it in”. Maybe a photo of your girldick and freshly waxed girl-balls would assist me getting aroused. Can you help?

      Little girl on the ferry

    4. You’re seriously warped. It doesn’t matter who you block, or threaten to sue, the whole world is going to know your name and what a low life predatory male you are. Women don’t want to wax your male balls. They don’t want you within a mile of them. They also definitely don’t want you in a mile radius of little girls. You make me feel physically sick!

        1. Hey paedophile betcha would shit your pants if you tried anything on with a real woman/women……..come to UK anytime, we’re waiting for you… tick tock WAXMABALLS JONNO!!!!!!!!

    5. You nauseating piece of shit, you defamed yourself. Not only are you gross, but you must be one of the dumbest little pieces of crap in the pedophile “community” because to make yourself this loud, this public (??). Time to be on your best behavior, quit the creepy illegal shit, clean your act up, with that flabby little body of yours I don’t see you doing well in prison, not even the women’s. Not that the world wouldn’t love seeing you there!

      1. “HEYY NOW !, don’t lump him in with US !, that’s NOT a man.”. (unfortunately, not a woman either). Just a sicko with a predilection for young girls.. WOWWW !!

    6. You ever hear of the Streisand Effect?
      Every time to try to sue people protecting themselves and others from you, by showing your own words, or pressuring social media companies to remove content, more and more people will hear about you and spread the word.
      No one would have heard of you if you didn’t report women who only wax female genital areas, for not waxing your male genital area. But you either had the need to force women to touch your junk, or wanted an easy way to make a buck. Either way, you finally went too far by involving the government.
      you reap what you sow.

    7. Hey Jonathan – Even under Canadian law, this isn’t defamation. It’s reporting your own words and conversations, as revealed by those to whom you’ve written those words to. Your conversations are borne of the predatory behaviour of a child abuser and sexual predator. Full Stop, regardless of which gender you choose to present yourself as today. Even worse that it’s coming from a grown man.

      Hardcopies of the above (and other information that’s floating about) have been forwarded to the RCMP.

    8. Lmao dudes like you NEVER need a tampon, because guess what!! You don’t get periods. That’s biology 101.

      So why do you need to ask 10 year olds for tampons or “look for the string” i.e. perve on young girls to see who you can ask for a tampon?

      And why the fuck would you ever be in a situation where you have to insert a tampon in a little girl?

      Because you’re a pedophile and a perverted man.

      If you have any conscience, you would leave women and girls alone. Get the fuck out of our bathrooms and changing rooms. And don’t ever come near children.

    9. Arkell v Pressdram (1971)

      Dear Sirs,

      We acknowledge your letter of 29th April referring to Mr. J. Arkell.

      We note that Mr Arkell’s attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of our reply and would therefore be grateful if you would inform us what his attitude to damages would be, were he to learn that the nature of our reply is as follows: fuck off.

      Private Eye

      1. I dare you to come to the US. We don’t have laws that protect perverts& many of us women wouldn’t mind spending a night in lockup to flatten your sissy pervert azz out on floor. Forcing women to touch you droopy nutsacks is only way anyone would touch you. The lowest form of Human is those who harm kids & animals. You are a racist & bigot because you can’t stand Immigrants. Immigrants have morals & self respect…unlike you. I pray you get help before you end up hurting a child again.Just because you put a skirt & lipstick on dirty pig…its still a dirty pig.

        1. What do you mean you don’t have laws in the US that protect perverts? You do realize that all of this mess started IN THE US? Do you also realize that if they DID go to prison, they will most likely go to female prison just because they claim to be a woman, and as far as I know, US these days is more than willing to comply with any request of any sicko out there out of fear of being labeled as transphobic or whatever other label you have trending over there.. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard of people getting fired and how many businesses got shut down over people being labeled as homophobic/transphobic or whatever.. I honestly don’t see any of this happening anywhere else in the world, this can only fly in the US, US is the one who is spreading and encouraging these weirdos all over the world.. Utmost respect to the actual transgender people out there, but you gotta admit it, this abomination is just ruining it for all of you..

    10. Too late, Jabberfrocky, you’re already world famous. And by the way, it has to be false to be defamatory.

      Stay the fuck out of women’s spaces and away from little girls.

    11. Defamation? It’s your own fucking words you fucking creep. Women don’t behave this way. Take your Male bullshit and shove it up your ass you sick fuck.

    12. Jonathan, why don’t you stop taking photographs of minors in women’s toilets? Why are you wondering if it would be okay to help a young girl insert a tampon? How are you managing to have a heavy period with frequent pad changes? The answer is you are a paedophile who likes pretending to be a transwoman in order to access young girls online and in real life. You are not remotely trans, you are an autogynophile and a pervert. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame because you will soon be enjoying some time in prison and you know the men in there are just going to love having a “transwoman” to play with.

      Go ahead and sue me.

      1. Autogynephilia is quite common among trans-identified males, so he could be trans.*

        Or he could just be pretending, because it’s a way for him to get closer to girls and women. OF COURSE male predators are going to take advantage of trans-inclusive policies.

        * Perversion and pedophilia, of course, know no “gender,” though they do seem to be more common among males.

    13. You can’t sue any of us succesfully. Especially those outside Canada. We will fundraise for every single file you complain.
      Be careful what you wish for. You’re a sexual predator and we might sue you.

    14. Jonathan (Jessica) Perhaps you should consider changing your inappropriate behavior and abuse of the human rights system instead of blaming others for calling you out on it. Hundreds of people are questioning your behavior because it is fetishist and inappropriate. have you ever considered that?
      Well done Miranda, thanks for reporting on a threat to women, children and the rights of sane trans people everywhere.

    15. ? Miranda and ? to everyone who has exposed this creep to help keep children safe and willing to put them first regardless of consequences because those in authority are to coward or corrupt to do what they should lawfully do.

      Jy should realise that some aint got f.o. So try sue cos you will get f.o. but I welcome the publicity for more people to be aware that wouldn’t otherwise know.

      Thanks Miranda

    16. Pal, it’s not defamation if it’s your OWN WORDS you absolute piece of pedophilic filth. Keep your hands and eyes away from little girls

    17. Not if they’re in the US it isn’t. You’d have to sue them here and prove they knowingly knew it was false. Good luck with that.

    18. Under British law the truth of what is said about an individual is an absolute defence. And what’s being said about you, JY, is evidenced across the internet. Thousands of people have those screenshots.

      Oh, and Happy New Year, Miranda. We met at a feminist meeting in Basingstoke. You’re a star.

    19. Hmmmmmm, seems like someone doesn’t like the spotlight. Based on the information provided, maybe you should just stop being a pervert and own up to your mistakes?

      Also, if it’s in print. it’s libel, not defamation. Moron.

    20. I’ll be sending the boys in the hood after you, Jonathan after you sent that message to my daughter if you keep up this censorship.

      Don’t fuck with me.

    21. The world is coming for you for your abhorrent disgusting behaviours, you are giving both men and transgender people a seriously bad name with your vile, reprehensible actions and I hope karma gives you the treatment your disgusting behaviours deserve

    22. You are simply trying to extort, you need help……….it is obvious you are a predator of young girls and hate women. Get help.

    23. I reported Jonathan Yaniv to the police with links and screenshots. He is clearly investigating how to get away with sexually assaulting female children. Not only that, but this writing of how he will attempt to touch the genitals of young girls is his way of writing pornographic pedophilic fantasies. Writing child pornography is a crime in Canada. Have fun in jail, Johnny boy.

    24. It’s not defamation if it’s screenshot’s of the weird shit you’ve said. Those are quotes, your own words.

    25. I don’t know if your sick in the head or your so insanely oblivious that you don’t realize how creepy your coming off as, but in any case you really gonna need to watch your behavior around children.

    26. janiv is obviously a predator, paedophile and extortionist and Twitter appears to defend him, good news is Meghan is suing twitter!!!!! He is a sick fantasist who puts TG rights back in the dark ages.

    27. LMAO you’re a paedophile male. Predator filth.

      Come in a changing room when I’m there, you’ll find out all about how angry women can get when men invade their spaces. Not a threat, I never threaten. It’s a firm promise.

    28. Mate if you have a penis your a male. Facts are facts. Number 1, do you have a Vagina- No, do you have a Cervix – no, do you have Fallopian Tubes – no, do you have Ovaries -No, last but not least do you have a Uterus – No You Do Not. Hence your not a woman, your a male who wants to be a female who identifies as a woman that there is the difference. That’s why you abuse real women with Vaginas because your jealous and envious that you will never ever have what a real woman has and was born with. I can call myself a man but the fact is I have a Vagina so that means I’m a woman.

    29. It’s not defamation. Those are literally YOUR texts, you mentally ill pedophile (allegedly ?). Join the 40% and do the world a favor you ugly toad. Btw if you’re bleeding from your dick that is NOT a period, it just means you need to stop jacking off to underage girls so much

    30. Transpeople deserve to be treated with tolerance, respect and understanding – but that’s a two-way street that Jonathan Yaniv is incapable of traversing. Unfortunately his actions reflect on transpeople who do not share his opinions and who are embarassed to be associated with him.

      Thankfully, not all transpersons are delusional pedophile racists seeking to enrich themselves by suing small business owners. Rather than spending time talking about menstual periods he’ll never have to 10 year old children, or dreaming up new ways to attract attention by offending people, Jonathan should focus some of his time on improving his appearance and personality. Or in therapy, because his attraction to children is repulsive and dangerous.

    31. You will be getting a knock on your door from police for grooming, stalking and harassing young girls. I guarantee it.

    32. You are a disgusting and vile creature and an absolute disgrace to the LGBTQ community. First off, asshat, you don’t have a leg to stand on legally because these are your own words. Second, women do not get up in each other’s business when it comes to periods, not do we hang out in bathrooms and change rooms with our “tits and pussies” out. If I EVER caught a bitch “looking for the string” I would drop her ass. I’m glad you think periods are cute. Try living through one. You are sick , and your mother is just as bad for enabling your sorry ugly ass. I’m glad they finally decided to reveal who you are, you little coward, hiding behind publication bans and LGBTQ rights to pursue you and your mother’s misogynistic and racist agenda.

    33. After reading what you’ve done and the way you’ve been leeching on young girls in the changing rooms I can’t understand how you’re still walking around free. if I lived in Canada and you were trying to sexually assault/ruin the business of someone I knew, I’d tell them to let you come and I’d f***ing castrate you, you disgusting nonce.

      You are proving every horrific stereotype about trans people. Not only that but you’re a racist piece of s*** who probably targetted those business because it makes you feel like a big man (I mean I know you’re already a land whale, so…. bigger man?) to force migrants who don’t even speak English as their primary language to touch your balls

      Then there’s your sick fascination with young girls bodies and their menstruation… I mean WTF!?

    34. >call it defamation
      > defamation by US legal Definition is the communication of a false statement that, depending on the law of the country, harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation.
      >literally has Screenshots of Pedophilic content and predatory language
      > literally tried to get the cities permission to hold a “no Adults allowed” Topless pool party for minors
      > has literally approached minors online and asked them to be your “girlfriend”
      .> has commented (see above screenshots) asking how many girls in Changing areas “bare all” when surrounded by obvious minors.
      I don’t think you understand what defamation means, I seriously hope you get fucking shot you unspeakable pervert.

    35. honestly let’s face it.. you’re not having your period.. unless you are ovulating and because you have a scrotum you can’t bleed unless you stuck a broom up your ass hard.. that’s unless you have ovaries then you can talk about having your period.

    36. Sued, sued, sued. That’s how Johnny makes his money. We are all sick of it. I’ll be glad when canadian court judges limit him on the ability to sue people. I have seen so many trans peeps try to make their living thru litigation rather than pursuing a real life. What an idiot. Vampire, opportunist.

  2. Lmao “this is defamation”, maybe don’t be such a massive pile of flaming hot garbage that your words can be used against you. You pedophilic, mouth breathing man.

  3. Yaniv is the Western Hemisphere’s most nauseating individual. I hope Yaniv will see these comments and absorb how nauseating Yaniv is found by others, and the fact that Yaniv will never be able to force others to refer to Yaniv universally as “she”. It will not happen; Yaniv lacks that power.
    Nothing defamatory to Yaniv appears in this article, as to be defamatory it would have to be false, and nothing false appears in this article.

  4. I must take issue with your description of JY as a predator.

    It is not common practice for lions to lumber from the underbrush clad in bright pink and blue handing out writs to the gazelles for refusing to be eaten.

    JY is a child-obsessing sex-pest, sociopath, and a bully but thankfully lacking the necessary forethought, cunning, or stealth for predatory behaviour.

    1. Jonathan Yaniv is going to prison for pedophilia.
      He’s busted. And he is a predator pretending to be a woman to creep towards girls to eventually violate them.

  5. Surely it is only defamation if it is untrue?

    If it is untrue, how did so many people get so many screenshots of predatory behaviour?

    I have every hope that Canada will wake the fuck up and get you behind bars where you belong.

  6. Arkell v Pressdram (1971)

    Dear Sirs,

    We acknowledge your letter of 29th April referring to Mr. J. Arkell.

    We note that Mr Arkell’s attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of our reply and would therefore be grateful if you would inform us what his attitude to damages would be, were he to learn that the nature of our reply is as follows: fuck off.

    Private Eye

  7. Jonathan Yaniv – what a loser, harrassing working-class women, while pretending to be female? I hope your victims organize and sue your pathetic arse for sex discrimination and abuse.

    JY you prove that gender identity harms women and girls.

    Male Sex fetishes are not a human right to force women to participate without our consent.

  8. Miranda…you rock!

    This creepy predatory MAN should be in jail, not pandered to.
    This MAN is a disgusting piece of shit.

  9. I’ve seen those screenshots before and have wanted to say the following.
    Women don’t stare at each other in changing rooms. They certainly don’t look closely enough to see the strings hanging down from tampons. Any woman who was behaving like this would cause concern. Older women don’t ask young girls about periods, or offer to advise them. As a mother of 3 girls, I would have serious concerns about them being approached in this way; apart from their first few periods I left them to deal with this very personal matter themselves. Yaniv doesn’t sound like a woman. Women don’t behave like this.

    1. This is the scariest to me. This sick pervert thinks it might be ok to go into a bathroom stall with a 10 year old girl to help her insert a tampon. No woman would EVER do that for someone else’s child. You always go find their parents. This person is sick and I am terrified for the women and young girls he comes in contact with.

  10. Hey Johnny boy,

    Id like to help you with your pube problem.
    Ive got some rusted garden clippers that rarely get used.
    Lets set up an appointment.

  11. If he sent an underage girl explicit photos (which is what it sounded like in one of those postings) that is a crime. This perv should be in prison and away from women and girls.

  12. I’ve backed up everything involving Jonahtan Yaniv, each one of these text messages, the pictures (the one in the ladies room with underage children behind him is particularly interesting) each and every one of them.

    He seems to forget that the internet is forever.

  13. Thanks Miranda, this pedophile needs to go to prison in the men’s prison.
    He’d be quite safe there as I doubt even men serving life would be attracted to him.
    He needs to be locked away from young girls.
    The men at Twitter and WordPress should be ashamed for protecting him.
    Hang him out to dry.
    Enjoy it Yaniv. You disgust women. You disgust girls. You disgust men.

  14. Frightening.
    Canadian law has shafted women, girls and transsexuals by abolishing safe8. Woke folk said this would never happen, that predatory men would not exploit Self ID. They can apologise right now.

  15. Really??? How is this defamation? They are your OWN sick conversations with underaged girls! Your online conversations should be discussed in a court of law along with a police raid on your home and business. Who knows what else the authorities could find stored on your personal devices.

  16. Hoooly hell. Thank you for posting this. What an abominable predator. Clearly obsessed with/turned on by little girls & menstruation.

    This is the prototype of what women refer to when we voice concern about trans people in our spaces. This is a hetero male with intact parts who is creeping on little girls & taking pics of them in the restroom. He’s forcefully & repeatedly asking the same question about kids & tampons because it turns him on. He’s going to hurt someone’s daughter if he hasn’t already. He’s using the trans umbrella as a shield because he knows it’s a sacred cow issue at the moment–nothing more.

    I know #notalltrans behave this way, but those who are mere autogynephiliacs looking for sexual thrills in our sex-segregated spaces can rot. In fact this isn’t really a trans issue but an issue of a grown man with a cross-dressing fetish who’s getting off on peeping at pre-teen girls. Actual trans* people should be outraged at this scumbag.
    * i.e. – The ones who have bothered to take hormones, get surgery & make an attempt to pass as the opposite sex because they feel uncomfortable in their own bodies–not this pig in heels crap.

    Pedo perv is a pedo. I hope to God someone has turned him in to the FBI or local police wherever he lives.

  17. Thank you for that, Miranda. The very last screenshot is mine and I have plenty more should you EVER need support on this issue let me know and I would be delighted to lend a hand. This has to end.

  18. Thanks Miranda for this great expose. RCMP, local, provincial and federal bodies in BC and other parts of Canada appear to have drunk the trans koolaid and forgotten that only a few years ago, he would already have been prosecuted but now he’s teflon because trans. Unfortunately Bill C-16 and other human rights legislation was passed mostly in secret due to ‘sentiment’ and ‘goodwill’ and because of that, everyone has come to believe that trans are to be the most protected (and feted!) oppressed group in the country. Perhaps with more exposure of the insane trans in BC, we can put an end to these insane policies.

    Wish you could join us for the Q&A with Meghan Murphy on Jan 10!

  19. Thank you Miranda for all your work keeping this pedo in the spotlight!

    As for JY, what a disgusting individual! Creep need to be smacked down by the long arm of the law!!

  20. I normally heavily disagree with you, I do think trans women are women (with a certain degree of effort that Yaniv has never shown) but I have to commend you for calling out Jonathan here.

  21. Radfems are so funny. This dude is a pedo abomination, and author finds the solution to be “stop campaigning for gender equality, campaign for women instead, since men are oppressive” – implicitly associating this fucked up behaviour with “maleness,” and ironically strengthening current gender stratification, through low-brow polarization of complex issues.

    Using an (at this point) heavily politicized ideological lens such as “feminism” to identify problems in cases such as this is ridiculous. There is no recognition that this kind of idiot was made possible through feminist activism (albeit trans-inclusive, as opposed to this article) – nor that what he did/does is not typical of men, any more than it is of women. Might be easier to get away with it as a woman though! Give that some thought!

    Also, since this person identifies as female.. why does being a sexual predator rob them of their gender identity? By normal progressive logic, that’s a woman. Probably the culprit’s own thinking as well, autismal as it might be.

    If you’ve only looked at an issue through a single ideological lens, then you haven’t looked enough, in my humble opinion.

    1. “associating this fucked up behaviour with “maleness,” and ironically strengthening current gender stratification”

      Male is a sex.
      Gender is a set of stereotypes assigned to the sex.
      Sex is immutable.
      Gender is made up.
      Jonathan Yaniv is a male.
      Jonathan Yaniv is a pedophile.
      Most pedophiles are male.
      Jonathan Yaniv’s pedophilia is consistent with the pattern of male as abuser and male as pedophile.
      This does not mean “all men are pedophiles”.
      But it does mean that Jonathan Yaniv is a male and a pedophile.

      It’s just simple logic.

  22. What a sad excuse for a fellow Canadian. And the collateral damage of Meghan Murphy being banned from Twitter and Gallus Mag losing her website on WordPress is just plain depressing. At least I don’t live in BC with this degenerate, The Ogre and Kraut. All narcissistic men who hate women, yet try to be one of us.

  23. “there’s always one” — takes a creep like this to highlight how demented things have become, so that hopefully something will get changed. The whole identity politics thing is eating itself, because it’s a stupid idea that is not about people being treated equally, but instead about separating people even more, and sick fux like this warped oxygen thief will probably figure out some way of twisting it to get away with acting out his pedo fantasies if it isn’t dealt with.

    It’s a shame everyone seems to want to blame all men though, a lot more of us than you seem to realise would be first to want to deal with scumbags like this and protect women against this kind of shit. Don’t write us all off and throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  24. See; this is why the transgender movement needs to accept gatekeeping. Requiring that all transgender people get screened and approved by a clinical psychologist who is trained in spotting gender dysphoria and sexual deviancy would be a great filter. The psychologist would interview the transitioner, looking for signs of sexual deviancy (pedophilia, autogynephilia, etc) and screen out the pervs, as well as those whose gender identity issues are caused by other problems (autism, schizophrenia, etc).

    Now, for those of you calling me a ‘transphobe’ for this, let me ask you something. I remember that my application for a handicap license plate required that I have proof of a qualifying disability. This, in turn, required a doctor’s visit and some testing. Does this mean that the State of Florida is ‘ableist’ for setting up gatekeeping? Or was it to protect the system from abuse? Well, it’s the same way here. We need to protect safe spaces for women and girls from the pervs, just like we need to protect handicap parking from able-bodied bums. In both cases, we’re protecting a necessary service set aside for a historically oppressed victim group from potential victimizers.

    For you trans* people reading this, I strongly urge you to accept the gatekeeping I mentioned in my first paragraph. Going by Self-ID alone WILL result in your movement being overrun by the pervs abusing Self-ID to the point where the backlash results in genuine trans* people being thrown under the bus. If, after reading my words, you still resist…well, at this point, I have to wonder about you. I wonder what the psychologist evaluating you would say? I suspect that said psychologist would class YOU as a perv. I mean, if you are sincere and have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem? Or…do you have a ‘little secret’ lurking somewhere?

  25. WOW, but no surprise that the victim card is being played in an era dominated by tribalistic identity politics and group think where individuals are not held to account for their own actions a world were women and children are thrown under the proverbial bus.

  26. Thanks… I appreciate your courage to tell the truth, which as predicted by George Orwell, has become “hateful”. The person who is hateful, is this man masquerading as a woman so he can enter women’s’ and girls’ washrooms and other safe places… it’s sickening that he’s allowed abuse and harass females with the legal permission of the INSANE diversity mob, now running our government and courts (and the kangaroo court, Human Rights Tribunals)

    I first heard about him harassing a woman because she wouldn’t give his male genitals a “Brazilian waxing” … I didn’t realize he’s making a business of harassing a dozen other poor and hard working women out of business…

    Thanks again for writing about this madness.
    Alex in Toronto

  27. If you really cared about being a woman, you would know one of our main rules. NO SELFIES IN THE BATHROOM WHEN THERE ARE OTHER FEMALES IN THE PICTURE. Way to sell out the sisters. How do you know someone might not be hiding from an abusive ex or something else? Putting their pictures up is a violation of their personal space, especially the kids. I guess that doesn’t matter though because it’s all about him and his predatory ways. He also needs to be institutionalized. He thinks he has periods. Seriously unbalanced.

  28. i s the world to believe that whoever has a man’s body can say he is a female and therefore allowed to go into female washrooms??? in the case of jessica, her texts indicate that she is obsessed with young girls in the bathroom.. trying to help them with tampons and pads… it appears that she tries to get young girls phone numbers therefore attracted to them perhaps sexually.
    how are we going to protect young girls from her is the question???does something really bad have to happen first???

  29. A man saying he’s going on his period… Lol. Absolutely delusional. Also, no man would wish for menstrual cycles. This guy is clueless, creepy, and dangerous.

  30. This guy is a jerk and is doing more to hurt the trans community than any right wing nut I’ve ever seen. Hey child, shut the F*** up and crawl back into your hole. We (the sensible, not idiot trans community) don’t need you to screw things up for everyone else. You’re a pig.

  31. This guy is a jerk and is doing more to hurt the trans community than any right wing nut I’ve ever seen.
    Hey child, shut the F*** up and crawl back into your hole. We (the sensible, not idiot trans community) don’t need you to screw things up for everyone else. You’re a pig.

  32. Thankyou for getting the truth out there Miranda! I applaud you, although I also know you’re extremely conscientious and would do so simply because it’s the right thing to do.
    I know you don’t believe in a female “essence”, but if anyone embodies it – you do. The way in which you’re protecting people I consider “motherly” and also while maintaining tact and dignity. My mind registers you as a female, despite your biological sex being male. If there are really such things as “auras”, yours is a female one! I guess what Im trying to say is that you are an absolute breath of fresh air and I’m more than happy to refer to you as a fellow woman.

  33. Everyone blames this guy.
    But it seems everyone ignores the fact that he is exploiting laws breach openly and show this to everyone.

    I guess we should afraid no this guy but actual pedos who will disguise them as female to achieve their dirty goals.

  34. When Janiv gets locked up, they should not be in a women’s prison unless they are in solitary. Vile and dangerous predator.

  35. i think it is a game and that yaniv is a sex predator attracted to underage girls and has figured out the best way for a man who prefers underaged girls to hide and protect himself is under the guise of the lgbtq2. he uses all the buzz words.. talks in a circle…he feels completed immune from the law and the lgbtq2 will rush to his defense. yaniv is an all out predator.. his hiding is unique and exposed. also, he is probably not holding down a job and another perverted game he is playing is to sue the most vulnerable .. financially predator hitting on minorities doing a spa business.. wax my balls or else i will sue you. another interesting game.

  36. Wow.. seems to all check out from my research Thanks for posting. We need to warn others of these people. Talking about kids too much for my liking.

  37. Hey guys, looks like Yaniv is doubling down and now trying to con the @BCCourts and @BCProsecution by carrying out a farcical charges amendment to Regina v Smith re Lori Pike on 2019May02 and the charges (2x Criminal Harassment and 1x Mischief).

    I’d usually share my most recent update thru Twitter, but the TransSympathetic moderators at Twitter have neutralized all my accounts related to Yaniv (about eight) and I don’t want to push the news through my alts because they’ll get prolly get nuked, too.

    So, if you could share my recent story about Jonathan’s most recent adventure pretending to be a Prosecutor. The link to this recent note about the upcoming Trial Scheduling hearing for Donald Smith on Friday December 13 is at and I’d appreciate it if you could share the fuck out of it as Twitter nuked my accounts. Thanks guys!

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