Jonathan Yaniv: The Predator In His Own Words

Here is Mr Jonathan Yaniv being a predator. Images are taken from a series of posts on Twitter by @ystriyahysteria. You can find out a bit more about Jonathan Yaniv the predator here.



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5 Replies to “Jonathan Yaniv: The Predator In His Own Words”

  1. You’d think that someone who would go to the effort of taking 16 women to court for refusing to wax his penis would at least try a little harder to look like a woman…

  2. If you have male genitalia, going to business that specialize in women’s waxing is no different from going to a gynecologist. The training and skill sets are different.

    The problem with the human rights complaints is that they are easy to make, and expensive to defend against. Plus there’s no transparency in the process so mistaken or biased judgements are hidden. It’s just not good legal policy.

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