Jonathan Yaniv: This is the Product of Transgender Ideology

There is nothing that Yanv is saying or doing that falls outside of either queer or transgender ideology. In Canada, this ideology is hiding behind human rights law and in the Yaniv case in particular is full of derails and distractions: (legitimate) discrimination based on sex is reframed as discrimination based on gender identity, and tribunal time is spent on legal arguments of what a ‘Brazillian’ is yet is silence on the meaning of ‘woman’ or even ‘transgender’.

This absolute car-crash interview shows exactly what this damaging ideology does to individuals and what it is doing to society, and Yaniv is a product of these. Yaniv, and men like him, are victims, vulnerable even, but they are also profoundly dangerous and society turns blind eye to this.


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  1. The trans train crash….
    The co-existence of everyone relies on open and frank debate…to exactly what trans is….and does it require the forced removal of safeguards of woman and children for its own survival……my belief is it does not.
    So experts in this field should be allowed and supported to research into how we can all.move on…..the lgbt community must conduct a thorough internal examination and root out the truth of how it has now become this monster …….Yaniv and other like minded are seriously a dangerous threat to the cohesion of society….we all have individual and collective responsibility for our actions….and in-actions…..people will be held accountable….

  2. The only good thing I can say about JY is maybe he has called attention to the Trans Cult rhetoric enough that people are starting to question what is really going on.
    To be clear, I do not in any way hate people who have transitioned. I hate this cultlike mentality which silences anyone who has any criticism or question about transgenderism and which aspires to silence and erase women.

  3. This interview was surreal, and I have no idea how the interviewer played it straight the whole way through.

  4. Yaniv is a weirdo, but the one interviewing him has issues. Claims to be a comedian, yet most of his jokes are about women. USA society is sick, where men and women have a lot of issues between each other. I’ve seen USA women say men are disgusting if they haven’t been gen’tally mutilated as a baby for non medical reasons. Lots of USA men spend too much time online doing things like making youtube videos saying they don’t want women, but instead of going away and leaving women alone to have hero gentlemen types, they spend a lot of time online promoting abuse and trying to make women feel bad.

    1. I’ve only seen one other of the comedian’s videos, but I was under the impression he was making fun of woke/SJW men. Which of course can get very meta very quickly.

  5. Miranda.
    Thank you for ALWAYS standing up for females, for biological reality and for the sex-based-rights of females to critically needed safe spaces away from males.
    The current trajectory of transactivism is nothing but misogyny and horrifically dangerous for females. Male violence is a planetary statistic and transwomen are male.

  6. I don’t even class him as trans, he’s using the community to be a pervert, so when he’s called out he can say “oh no! you’re a transphobe!”

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