Letter in Support of Dr Michele Moore

Addressed to Ian White at Taylor and Francis, publisher of ‘Disability and Society’ in support of Michele Moore who is being harassed by the Transtapo.

Dear Mr White

I write as an advocate for transsexual rights, to express my appreciation of and support for Michele Moore as editor of Disability and Society.

I am aware there is a petition against Michele which criticises statements she has made in relation to transgender ideology, claims about suicide rates amongst transgender individuals and the rights conflict that exists between the rights of women and those who have formerly lived as men who then ‘live as women’.

The objections raised against Dr Moore are primarily ideological, they are foundational on disagreement in particular whether the rights of transgender women conflict with the rights of women and girls. This is far from a settled matter and the debate is polarised with no middle ground.

Ideological claims are inferred, particularly concerning the suicide rates of trans people. This is a claim that is routinely over-exaggerated, to the point of, in my opinion, in romanticising suicidal ideation in young people and using this as a blackmail tactic ‘I’d rather have a living daughter than a dead son’. This is grotesquely irresponsible and anyway the claims made of suicide are just not corroborated by facts.

Michele has always advocated for a fact-based and compassionate approach to transgender people in society. I support this approach absolutely, and Dr Moore has in the past provided me a platform in her publishing platforms to argue, for example, that what we are seeing as transgender in society is not a monolith, there are differing types of transgender with distinctly differing etiology and presentation. For example in young people and older women it affects primarily homosexuals, in older males it generally affects heterosexuals. This is a well-documented and well-researched phenomena in the work of Magnus Hirschfeld, Ken Zucker, Ray Blanchard, Ann Lawrence and others. This is also supported by empirical evidence on neurology, see in particular the work of Ivanka Savic.

In my opinion Dr Moore is being subjected to a witch hunt by individuals who are prioritising ideological purity over scientific evidence and I ask you take note of this in any response to this attempt to discredit Dr Moore for what is, in fact, wrong-think.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Miranda Yardley



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  1. congrat Miranda for ur work from Chile, as I said un glinner tweet of ur behalf I first came to know u bc of a podcast of one of My favorite unroll tweeter claire and also Ema aka doc fond of bettle both extraordinary. wish u could back Twitter.

    great page Didnt know about IT, I am going to take a look.
    lm,I notice IT has lot language to choose, is IT a automáticamente traslationn from ur native english generated automáticamente?

    bc I prefer spanish but if its auto genrated maybe IT Will missread what u rally want to say. so I better read IT in english…

    saludos from Chile

    pd u speak spanish por understand writting?

  2. Hi Miranda, there is a doctor here in Vancouver BC, Dr William Wallace, who advised parents & their trans kids to “pull a stunt…suicide threat..” in order to get the kids fast-tracked for medical transition. There is a recording and a professional transcript of him saying that. He has over 500 foster kids under his care. The situation here in BC is transgender insanity – don’t question, immediate acceptance or “affirmation” and off we go down the trans train to lifelong sex hormones and irreversible surgeries. I can sent you the pdf of the transcript if you’re interested. If this one doctor is advising his patients such a thing, then there must be more.

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