No Country for ‘Non-Men’: How The Green Party is Trying to Oust an Elected Labour LGBT Officer

The chair of my Constituency Labour Party received this needy whine from a certain James Vessey-Miller, Communications Officer for South East Essex Green Party. I would like the words of this narcissistic diatribe to speak for themselves, what is interesting though is that:

  • there is no room for any opposing view on genderist ideology, never mind debate, within the Green Party, and this applies to women as well as transsexuals; how are women now able to address the outrage of sections of their party referring to them as ‘non-men’?. The Green Party is a fascist male supremacist political party;
  • Note the dig at Labour suggesting my appointment as illiberal, ironically in the context of the writers own ideological totalism, and his condemning me for the thought crimes of my own belief; and
  • The writer’s threat to make my life in my hometown difficult by contacting LGBT associations and the local press. Not content with trying to have me ousted from Labour, this megalomaniac wants to destroy my social life and turn my local community against me.

One thing this entitled prick is absolutely correct about is that I am unrepentant.

Fuck you, James Vessey-Miller. Fuck you.

On with the mantrum…

We are very disappointed to find out late last night that you have recently appointed Miranda Yardley to the position as Southend Labour’s LGBT+ Officer.

Miranda Yardley holds many views that we feel are incompatible with the role of LGBT+ Officer, and her vocal anti-trans stance makes her a dreadful appointment.

Her Transphobic and “gender-critical” views are questionable at best, and incredibly hurtful and verging on hate-crimes at worst.

Yardley’s large online following regularly directs a disgusting amount of vitriol and personalised attacks against many LGBTIQA+ Activists, including many of my colleagues.

As you will be aware, Yardley is now under investigation by the National Labour Party for her actions, and the issue has made the national press:

Yardley is unrepentant, and has recently published an incredibly transphobic article on her website about “How Transgender Ideology is Destroying the Labour Party” where she continues the attacks against Lily Madigan, and continues to misgender her.

We are disappointed to find that even after Yardley’s investigation by the Labour Party has been announced in the national press, she is still in position within your organisation, and is still attending your canvassing sessions, predominantly with your Blenheim candidate Laurie Burton.

We have made contact with several local LGBTIQA+ Charities and groups about this issue, and we have been approached about the national press regarding this.

We intent to issue a public statement about this over the coming days, and it will likely make the local -if not- national press.

Out of courtesy we are informing you of this beforehand, as we believe this is an issue beyond simple electioneering.

We have no vested interest in this other than ensuring that Transphobes with the notoriety of Yardley have no place in local politics.

We call on Southend Labour to end its affiliation with Yardley, and we criticise her selection as the Party’s LGBT+ Officer on the grounds of her “gender-critical” views and commentary.

We believe that there should be no acceptance of anti-trans beliefs within modern politics, and we strongly believe that this kind of opinion should not be emboldened in a Political party as liberal as Labour.

James Vessey-Miller

Communications Officer

South East Essex Green Party

Use by The Green Party and Officer of the term ‘non-men’ to describe women:

Misogyny of Elected GPEW Officer which GPEW have allowed to go unchallenged:

7 Replies to “No Country for ‘Non-Men’: How The Green Party is Trying to Oust an Elected Labour LGBT Officer”

  1. I find the mainstream Green attitude interesting, given that deep green women (WoLF) voted to be TERFs. I mean, if you think biology matters with respect to the environment, why not extend that to people?

    All this makes it very difficult when it comes to voting.

    I wonder if there are enough WoLF members yet to start our own political party, anywhere.

  2. Aimee Challenor is a man exhibiting typical male behaviour: telling women what to say, what to think, and which speakers to listen to, or not. The same old patriarchal dominance of women, only done in lippy.

  3. This letter is signed by one person, as far as I can see. Who is the “we” to whom he refers? He speaks for the whole Green Party, including the “non-men”? Or is it that he identifies as multiple-personas?

  4. Just saw that your twitter accounts have been suspended. Travesty! Very much appreciate your work and respect your opinions. I remember some years ago when you followed me on twitter; couldn’t believe it and was very very honoured. Hope to see you back. We miss you tremendously.


  5. Kinda get the feeling James is enjoying the bloodsport. He is certainly displaying all the cockiness of a privileged twat. It’s a pattern with TRA’s, they have no regard for people, no civility and no clue. They blunder and bluster and don’t give a crap who gets hurt or what get’s destroyed as long as the tantrum is validated they are happy.

    The tactics being employed against you are alarming and the ease with which people like this use them even more so.

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