So Brave, So Stunning: Pippa Bunce, the Transvestite Rebranded

So our dear friend Pippa Bunce is in the news again because he has, unbelievably…

How The Social Justice of Equality, Discrimination, Diversity, Inclusion and Empowerment Are Being Used To Strip Women Of Rights And Freedom

Although the video above is not directly related to this piece, within it I discuss…

No Country for ‘Non-Men’: How The Green Party is Trying to Oust an Elected Labour LGBT Officer

Fuck you, James Vessey-Miller. Fuck you.

Contribution to the Discussion at the Women’s Place UK Meeting 27 February 2018

It’s cruel to lie to people about what they are. People should be accepted for what they are, and you should not base friendship on a lie.

Peter Tatchell and the Assassination of the Women’s Liberation Movement

How gay liberation became neoliberalism and Peter Tatchell sucks corporate cock.

How Transgender Became ‘The New Black’: Presentation in Parliament on 31 October 2017

I am transsexual, but I acknowledge the need to recognise the material reality of biological sex.

Transgenderism and the Neo-Fascism of the Regressive Left

It’s the same old shit: 1970s sexism repackaged, spray-painted and sexed up for a naive generation of millennials whose idea of rebellion is to want a different coloured garage door to their parents.