5 Replies to “Thirty Day Facebook Ban Because The Truth is Hate Speech”

  1. Well, I’d love to see more
    of you on Instagram. You are a wonderful writer and I’m thankful I was able to find you. Good luck <3

  2. Hey Mir,

    I’m on my 5th 30 day ban on FB and onto my 1st 7 day ban on my new Twitter account – after only a month…. that contained 5 shadowbans and 3 sets of sanctions.

    It’s a good game, eh? Every time they do it – they just prove us ever more right.

    Sterling effort. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have three days left of my 30 day sentence. You are in very good company, since there are MANY of us in FB Jail. On the bright side, at least we didn’t have to post bail! I got banished by the pro-prostitution trolls on a FB page for abolitionists.

    We have no free speech because corporations control these internet communication arenas and they are not beholden to the 1st Amendment we have in the US or those protections afforded others by law from their respective GOVERNMENTS’ interfering in free discussion.

    So here we are. For now.

    Hugs to you from the US! Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Miranda, magnificently played, and spoken. And your feline friends add immeasureably to your video. Thank you.

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