Why the Gender Recognition Act 2004 should be Abolished

This was the speech I prepared for the event hosted last night; Tuesday 14 March, in Parliament. A bunch of sad-fuck transvestites tried to get this banned. The words follow this…

The reason the Gender Recognition Act 2004 came into being was because of an ECHR ruling based on a complaint that centered on marriage and social security benefits, for example pensions.

The mechanism is by way of the issuing of a new short form birth certificate in the adopted sex.

When enacted, the GRA created a perverse situation where two people of the same Sex could only get married if one of them changed their legal sex.

This changed eleven years later in 2014 with the equal marriage act. So, that problem doesn’t really exist anymore. Religious marriages of course have their own rules and the GRA/EA don’t affect this.

The retirement and state pension ages are in the process of being equalised. I, for example, won’t be able to retire until I’m 67, whatever my legal sex!

The protracted characteristic of ‘gender reassignment’ can exist independently of the GRA. No that this has much meaning anyway – ‘gender reassignment’ isn’t even necessary!

As well as creating the legal fiction of the male with a female birth certificate, it creates the biological fiction of the woman with a penis.

The original reasons for the GRA, which could have been addressed in another way, are now largely redundant. We have equal marriage and we have equivalence in state benefits.

The legacy of this law creates a number of absurdities: what does a protected characteristic of gender reassignment mean if gender reassignment isn’t even necessary?

If you are transsexual and don’t want to have a new, historically revisionist birth certificate, you could not benefit from the law. It’s prejudicial to sane transsexuals!

What use is a change in legal sex, what in reality are we doing with our laws, if it creates the situation where the law says one thing and our eyes say something else? At worst it’s an attempt to legislate what we think. At best it’s fucking stupid.

Presently the GRA requires a two year period of ‘living as another Sex’ before the legal sex can be changed. The most significant aspect of being a member of the opposite sex, aside from the biological aspects, are of course the socialisation we are subjected to.

This is probably the most dangerous thing the GRA does: it allows men socialised as men (who may still have their functioning penis, and as we know are likely heterosexual!) to declare themselves women without ever addressing this socialisation.

As we know from news reports and THAT STUDY, Male patten offending behaviour remains. And as we know from social media, these men socialised as men newly hatch their ‘female persona’ on the internet, demanding to be recognised ‘as women’ when clearly that are not. Having been hot-housed in the internet-based transgender community, they are hatched thinking ‘woman’ is a state of mind and their lips dripping with a venomous hatred for women who have the audacity to say ‘NO’.

Nobody is allowed to challenge this. There is no debate allowed, and disagreement is reframed as hate. We are all expected to play along with the brain-sucking reality-denying mantra of ‘trans woman are women’. No, fuck that shit: ‘trans women’ are men.

To be honest I am beyond caring what these narcissistic males think, want or need; If they were intent on castration, at least having their balls removed would make them less dangerous. Alas, no: although most of them benefit from the relief estrogen gives them from the shame of their autogynephilia, many still want to stay in touch with John Thomas.

Transgenderism is a violent, sexist and sex-fuelled culture. It is antithetical to not just the women’s movement, but to everyone who values freedom of thought, their own sexual agency and not having the personal identity of delusion males thrust down your throats. Transgenderism attacks all of us; this is a human rights issue that concerns us all: men, women, boys, girls, lesbians, gay men and anyone who values the integrity of their own mind.

Just like other similar events, this event has been attacked online and in the press for daring to stand for women. The result has been the full narcissistic tyranny of the transgender jackboot.

Today the most revolutionary things you can do are to stand with women, and dare to call a man a man. We, all of us, need to speak against and to fight this tyranny.

In the words of Andrea Dworkin:

I am talking about a deep silence: a silence that goes to the heart of tyranny, its nature. There is a tyranny that preordains not only who can say what but what women especially can say. There is a tyranny that determines who cannot say anything, a tyranny in which people are kept from being able to say the most important things about what life is like for them. That is the kind of tyranny I mean.


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  1. Thank you, Miranda. I am a transwidow. I totally agree with your arguments for the repeal of the GRA, which are logical. There are of course many practical reasons for its repeal (sports, prisons, etc..), which have been well aired.

    To think that my ex-husband would be forced to become a “man” again – by act of Parliament! His belief that he is a “woman” would be seen, correctly, as a delusion, the belief of a man who is out of touch with reality, or insane.

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