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This piece is all about me. I’ve written it in response to a number of requests I’ve had for something to set out my ideas in a way that allows someone to get where I’m coming from on a number of issues quickly. So, the whole point of this is to contextualise who I am and where I come from, and hopefully give you an idea of why it is I believe the things I do.

I’ve given a number of interviews about my life, most of which are terribly dull because of the subject matter. A bit of background information can be found at the Zagria ‘Gender Variance Who’s Who’.

Although I’m probably best known for what I have to say about transgender politics, much of what I write about concerns either what it actually is to be trans-whatever, free speech and what I see as a necessary respositioning of the trans movement.


Between April 2018 and March 2019, there was an attempt to prosecute me, a transsexual, for ‘transgender hate crime’. The complainant, Helen Islan, is of course a political activist who supports the medicalising of sex-role non-conformity in children.

After the trial collapsed, on the basis the Crown had failed to establish a ‘course of conduct’, a fundamental test for harassment. In the aftermath, the complainant Helen Islan tried to distance herself from the shambles even though she had in the week before I was charged threatened to gag me with a High Court order and an application for press reporting restrictions, the little fascist.

Free Speech

I have written in detail about the attempts to gag this transsexual over the last six years, this started with Twitter abuse and pile-ons, bizarre comparisons of me to members of the Third Reich and moved from violent protest with threats of physical violence to my being prosecuted.

I think I first became know for ‘Mirandagate‘, when I was to debate on the BBC Newsnight show and the section got pulled because transgender activists would not debate my views that, at the time, were taken as ‘gender critical’. Prior to this, I’d spoken out against the attempt by ‘liberals’ to shut down a Radfems Respond event in Portland and the campaign to shut down Femifest 2014 in London.

Moving swiftly on, I wrote how third wave feminism gets all its priorities wrong and benefits men, and had a look at how the regressive left and ultra-conservative right exemplify horseshoe theory, particularly drawimg upon the violent tactics and silencing used by the regressive left.

Following a discussion I held with Julie Bindel, I published a piece in the Morning Star looking at how the language of transgender activism is used to obscure truth. In a groundbreaking event in London on 13 September 2017, I spoke out about how the state-sanctioning of self-identification of gender represents an all-out political war against everyone.

Transgender Children

I have always opposed the uncritical affirmation of ‘trans kids’, holding the belief as I do that ‘trans kids’ are like vegan cats.

I have researched how gender stereotypes are common in the narratives of ‘trans kids‘ and connected this, in females, to homosexuality.

I contributed a chapter to the book ‘Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body’ and the full text of my chapter is publicly available.

What it is to be Transgender

I had begun to annoy the extremists of trans Twitter with a piece I published in July 2014 which called for recentering trans debate around material reality. Broadly that:

  1. human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals;
  2. transwomen are biologically male (if we aren’t, then what do we transition from/to?);
  3. human beings are subjected to sex-based socialisation which begins at birth (what does this say about transwomen who cannot accept this?);
  4. the lives of transwomen are different to the lives of women (by this I mean women born women, again what does this say about transwomen who cannot accept this?).
  5. rape and death threats directed at lesbians and other feminists are wholly unacceptable.

Within the hot-house of extremism that is transgender Twitter this went down like a lead balloon. It’s fucking hilarious. Following Mirandagate, I had the opportunity to speak to Feminist Current about what it means to be a ‘gender critical transwoman’.

Caitlin Jenner became a gift, again published in the Morning Star this piece has formed the basis for talks I have given.

I have written extensively on autogynephilia, from basic introductions to a comprehensive history of the idea of autogynephilia and conjectured an etiology of autogynephilia based in the consumption of pornography.

Girl Dick

One of the best pieces I have ever written is ‘Girl Dick, the Cotton Ceiling and the Cultural War on Lesbians and Women‘ which I produced for AfterEllen.com, where I examine in detail the cultural assault on the sexual rights and culture of lesbians by porn-fuelled transgender males.

Transgender Politics

My definitive piece on transgender politics is ‘Transgender Ideology Does Not Support Women‘. It was my first piece for the Gender Apostates project and even now racks up hundreds of views a week. It’s been translated into Spanish and I’ve used it in talks I’ve given.

When the government announced a parliamentary enquiry into the rights of transgender people I made a representation on transgender rights asking for facts, which was duly ignored. I analysed the final report and wrote for the Morning Star about what a mess the Transgender Equality Report is, reducing what it means to be a woman to a stereotype. This is what happens when your government relies on appeasement rather than conviction.

I have looked at how transgender identity politics is poisoning LGBT organisations and centerimg these on heterosexual men and also written about how the internal politics of transgenderism instrumentalise sexist and homophobic outsiders to reinforce claims to validity. Nasty stuff.

One of the biggest influences on my thinking is the work of John Stuart Mill and his collaborator, and later wife, Harriet Taylor Mill, possibly one of the most overlooked British philosophers. I studied Mill’s work during a year’s course in philosophy at university. I quote freely from these great liberal thinkers and used arguments from ‘On Liberty’ in my critique of transgender dogma particularly ‘trans women are women’ which is a major obstacle to debate and finding political middle ground. In October 2018 I published what was a labour of love, my own testimony to Harriet Taylor Mill.

I hope you enjoy this brief run-down of some of the work I have done.

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  1. hi miranda, i watched in horror atva woman getting beaten up by a young man, i,m a 54yold lesbian, who in my youth was beaten up by men for being a lesbian, now i see a woman getting tge same treatment simply for being a woman, i feel its time for a movement to stop trans violence against women,

  2. I’m so relieved to hear a voice of reason in this horrible debate. Please look after yourself. We don’t want you sinking under the weight of the backlash!

  3. Miranda, you are my new fucking hero. I have been a hard core lefty my whole life and was not really paying attention to what was happening to the people on “my side” until my daughter caught Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria from the interwebs. I have come out here to see what was going on and discovered to my screaming amazement that lesbians are being threatened with death for saying no to sex with males, in the name of feminism… wha huh?!?! I was in despair for the future of humanity until I found your clear and uncompromising writing. Thank you so much. Don’t let the haters shut you up!!!!

  4. Thank you, Miranda! This is great work, such alot to catch up with, but reading your work is very reassuring. Your online work/presence is a great resource.

  5. Thank you so much from this feminist woman for everything you do to support women and children from the weird Orwellian double-think that seems to be coming into the main stream..

  6. Miranda,
    I was re-reading your work today and just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for speaking the truth. Thank you for helping ALL people. You’re absolutely brilliant and i hope to one day buy you a beer!

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