Jess De Wahls on censorship

A very sociable chat with the fabulous Jess De Wahls on her first-hand experience of censorship in the arts.

Miranda Yardley on Laurel Hubbard

Miranda Yardley on GB News speaking about Laurel Hubbard competing in the women’s Olympic category.

Southend on Sea Pride, politics and misogyny

Labour councillor Laurie Burton, transgender rights activist Merlene Evans, some straight dude and Labour Party LGBTQIASDFGHJK++ Officer Sam Adams rehash the same old misogyny calling for disagreeable middle aged women to be designated witches and TERFs and sent to live in the mountains, lest anyone…

Peter Hitchens v Army of Lovers

Peter Hitchens runs the gauntlet.

Emma Haywood v Miranda Yardley

Emma joins Miranda to hang out with a few bags of Monster Munch. Be there, or be a Panda Pop. (Sorry for my disappearance, my computer flipped out. Look on the bright side, you get to hear Emma talk instead of hearing me drone on about the same things I’ve been droning in about for years).