The Transperbolic Curves and Functions

This is a brief introduction to an extremely special class of functions known as the transperbolic function and the related transperbolic curves. I had a huge amount of fun dreaming this up. Although there is no such thing as a transperbolic curve, the concepts and ideas I talk about are (mostly) r…

Fight the Power: Meghan Murphy and Miranda Yardley

Meghan Murphy and Miranda Yardley fight the power. Tune in, turn on, get radical. You can support Meghan’s work: Please do not…

This Week In Tran ('TWIT') With Claire Graham and Fionne Orlander

Claire Graham and Fionne Orlander join Miranda Yardlemorte to discuss this week's micro- and macro-dramas from the far reaches of the Transgender Universe.

‘Vast Hairy Prongs’

This will be hitting the Ibiza clubs over the summer. For Venice. Original recording of transgender activist Roz Kaveney arguing that 'trans women's penises are not male penises' is here:

Oh, Tranada

Miranda Yardley and Jenn Smith on how Canada became Tranada. Please do not contact and especially do not harass anyone mentioned in this video, which is a criticism of words and actions of others and it's not my intention to lead to bullying. This is the reporting of a news incident, and is not f…