Hate Facts with Claire Graham and Fionne Orlander

Join Claire Graham, Fionne Orlander and myself for more Hate Facts. Thanks to Sajber for joining us to talk about medicalisation in Serbia.

How to make a Gender Critical Pimms

Here’s how to make a gender critical Pimms - it’s gender critical as the drink is not centred on the cucumber. Camerapuss: Daisy Pomeroy Best demiboy: Claire Graham

Make More Noise: The Elephant in the Room

I will be having a chat with DJs Lippy and Sobering Maid from Make More Noise from 7pm on Sunday 7 July 2019. On Saturday 27 July 2019, Make More Moise will be hosting 'The Elephant in the Room'. To join this event pop along to here:…

This Week In Woke

This Week In Woke sees Claire and Miranda analysing the inadequacies of the most unimpressively impotent: The Woke Bloke.

Safeguarding, gaslighting and harassment

This is the third video video with Sonia Poulton. We talk about safeguarding, the trans umbrella, gaslighting and the impact of a sustained harassment campaign against me. The other videos are here: Please do not contact and especially do…