I’m confused about your views on pronouns regarding trans people. Is there something wrong with a mtf wanting to be referred to as she/her?

I have mixed feelings about pronouns. In real life, I’m a ‘them/their/they’ kind of person and yes. I have a bunch of friends who are trans, and yes as they are my friends I address them using their preferred pronouns. It’s nice to be nice, ya know.

Pronouns are not owed by default, if transwomen want to be addressed by preferred pronouns, then they have to show respect. Misgendering is NOT violence. Threatening and harassing women on the Internet IS violence. If a transwoman attacks women and feminists on the Internet, then they do not deserve the courtesy of pronouns. Fuck ‘em.

I am comfortable with, and most people address me as, either ‘them/their’ or ‘she/her’. Some people do, of course, use male pronouns. This happens day to day in shops etc. I do not, and I certainly do not advocate for, making a fuss out of this. Shop assistants are often on minimum wage, put their livelihood before your own vanity.

Finally, and I leave this until last as it is the most important point and I hope will remain with everyone who reads this, I would say that no woman, no biological woman anywhere, owes it to any transwoman or ‘transgender’ woman to address them by female pronouns, what with all that women endure from men, from the moment they come into this world, all the oppression, objectification, being treated as second-class citizens, you name it, women owe us shit.

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