Modernise, not Postmodernise

There was a really interesting, insightful conversation on Twitter overnight (25 March 2014, UK time) between @GallusMag and @ParkerMolloy, I have extracted some of the conversation below and commented briefly, because I actually think it is important:

So, the response from a woman to a transwoman saying ‘…let me know if I can help…?’ may be summarised thus:

  • Stop calling women and gay men “cis”;
  • Stop calling feminists “terfs”;
  • Stop calling males female;
  • Stop calling yourselves “lesbian”, “dyke”, “women” and “female”. 
  • Modernise and adopt an honest approach to gender.

Then, women and transwomen can join together in the same fight and KICK ASS together

Transwomen, the onus is on you, on us, to do these things: stop slandering women and gay men, recognise that sex matters and, most importantly, be honest.

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