The Cotton Ceiling is an outrage, and so it this horrid little meme.

The problem most transwomen have with relationships with men is that whereas significantly most men would merrily have sex with a transwoman (and, let’s be frank, there’s not much that men won’t have sex with e.g. this, this and this) almost none of these virile beasts would deign to take that same transwoman home to meet their mother.

This is the real problem: that male socialisation permits men to have casual relationships with transwomen (and of course women), even regard transwomen as a fetish, but that same socialisation prevents them from forming enduring and stable emotional relationships with a transwoman. 



Dear cis people,

Check your motherfucking privilege.

This is disgusting AND rape. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SEX. Man, woman, male, female, gay, straight, trans, cis. Are you fucking kidding me???

Sexual orientation usually is based on SEX, not GENDER. I don’t care if a transwoman is a woman, as a lesbian I DO NOT WANT A DICK IN ME. And I have EVERY RIGHT to refuse sex with someone even if it’s just because they have a dick.

Forcing a man to be attracted to you and have sex with you because you identify as a woman is rape and wrong.

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