The Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shootings

I’ve been trying to think of something short yet profound to say that encapsulates the deep sadness I feel about this murderous rampage, these words never came.

So, here’s a jumble: this guy hated those of us whose lifestyle embraces our same-sex relationships, this is evident from his target. As the news reports have stated, his justification for this was based on religion. He also hated women, his former partner has explained what a horror he was to live with.

It can’t take much, surely, to join the dots and say that these three things are connected; this world’s main religions are patriarchal, they promote social structures that allow males to control women and enjoy the benefit of women’s labour. That someone who uses religion to justify his hatred of same-sex relationships should also hate women makes sense in this context.

Religion and misogyny are long-term, long-standing bedfellows; it is misogyny that breeds the hatred for and of same-sex relationships, the two things are intertwined. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we are not going to get anywhere in unpicking all of this without dealing with the fundamental problems that exist as a result of societies built upon patriarchal religions which view women as inferior to men, and those of us in same-sex relationships as inferior to everyone else. What a mess.

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  1. Patriarchy seems to rest and pivot on a toxic masculinity , ultimate,y murderous to anyone that doesn’t fit it’s paradigm – “man club” – if you will.
    To do so it needs no excuse , but nonetheless finds that and obfuscation by pervering everything pure in human nature, whether it be love for our families, social groups, countrymen, each other , even our spirituality .
    We can tackle the symptoms but it’s a chimera , a shape shifter, appropriating cause as disguise , ever turning us on each other .
    This should have been a rubicon moment , we should be examining patriarchy and masculinity .
    I hope it is and we do.
    Thanks for saying this Miranda x

  2. I am getting more than moderately angry of late when humans suggest this is about horrible military crap but oh no never though about homosexuality. Horrible military crap has several easy targets. Homosexuality is an easy one.

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