So Brave, So Stunning: Pippa Bunce, the Transvestite Rebranded

So our dear friend Pippa Bunce is in the news again because he has, unbelievably not so unbelievably in this mixed-up, muddled-up shook-up world, managed again to penetrate the Top 100 Female Executives list in the 2018 FT HERoes Champions of Women in Business 2018. This is a great example of the stupidity that arises in our brave new world, where we are told equality is for everyone and we must all be inclusive: a cross-dressing beta male who emboldens, double-underlines and showers in magical unicorn glitter all the passive, sexually objectifying stereotypes that women have fought against for centuries, gets recognition as a woman in this most conservative, most closed to women yet financially lucrative sector of the economy. This is so over the top ludicrous, it should be satire. But it isn’t.

I have written about this herbert in the context of his making the 2017 HERoes list (I earned a swift block last year when I tweeted this to him) and I made a case for how he and the monumentally unfabulous Alex Drummond represent the corollary of LGBT organisations selling out to the heterosexual pound.

I say heterosexual, that Bunce is a classic example of the autogynephile (an inwardly directed form of heterosexuality where he is in love with the ideation of himself ‘as a woman’) is central (along with the fact he’s a bloke) to a reasoned objection to him penetrating women’s spaces: ultimately he could have stood up and said ‘thanks, but no thanks’ but of course instead this man stands his ground, dismissing women who disagree with him being a part of this as ‘sad TERFS’. As it stands, however, the very reason Pippa is what he is, is central to political analysis of why this is such an outrage.

This is exactly the problem that ‘transgender inclusion’ brings us, because this is a man who associates ‘being a woman’ with ‘looking and feeling sexy’. This is not a personal attack, and it’s not speculative, this is an opinion based upon observable facts and the reality within which we find ourselves, that wealthy heterosexuals like Bunce are being centred in something that is supposed to be centring women, this talking over and being promoted over women is carbon-copied into the LGBT movement leading to the wholesale erasure of lesbians and lesbian spaces and an attack on women and their boundaries.

LGBT now involves vast amounts of money and part of the reason for this is men like Bunce. It is this money, from the banks and massive international organisations as well as money raised for the benefit of children’s charities that is being diverted to support the myth that men can become women, that transgender identity is innate and by filtering it through organisations like Mermaids, GIRES and Gendred Intelligence this has become the most dangerous attack on the rights and welfare of pre-homosexual and gender non-conforming children since forever.

In fact, the unquestioned transing of children and especially young girls by groups like Mermaids, GIRES an GI is probably the greatest attack on the safety and welfare of infant children since King Herod, yet Bunce himself has appeared in Parliament to make representations on the Gender Recognition Act and tries to indoctrinate other people into joining the weird cult he is so happy to evangelise: here we have sex stereotyping all in the name of progress. It is so dumb, words almost fail me, that supposedly progressive LGBT organisations are holding up this real-life animated collection of regressive sexist stereotypes and making out he’s some kind of role model.

One of the biggest changes in the trans community since I came out in the early 1990s is the willingness, indeed encouragement, for occasional cross-dressing transvestites to claim, on some kind of level, to have a claim to some kind of womanhood. These men, who invariably are a type of heterosexual man displaying autogynephilic sexual orientation (a love of themselves ‘as a woman’, which competes with the heterosexual orientation) and just like Pippa they confuse ‘feeling sexy’ with ‘feeling like a woman’. And this is where we are now, that these men are not just celebrated as women, but they are treated as shining examples of bravery and courage.

It doesn’t take much imagination to interpret Pippa’s appearance, indeed his reasoning for his ‘gender variance’, as a real life display of Pippa becoming the woman he loves. And I think that this is so central to his identity, and presentation, and of course what his colleagues have to endure: imagine being a woman on his team who objects to him claiming to be a woman on the basis of his ‘dressed like an explosion in Ann Summers’ (h/t Lisa Muggeridge) who have to indulge in this sad abusive man’s sad delusions or end up being called a ‘sad TERF’. This can’t be great for the career either, because of course this sexist man holds power. And here, of course, lies another problem: I have already pointed out he’s spoken in parliament on the reform to that redundant legal fiction the Gender Recognition Act, of course the changes he is supporting are those very changes that will allow him to claim he is a woman, and give him legal redress against those of us who refuse to have our thoughts prescribed and our language policed by men like him. It is men like Bunce who stand to gain from self-identification.

Bunce and his sexualisation of womanhood stands for and embodies the sexism and the fetishisation of women. He is reinforcing the most damaging misogynist stereotypes of what it is to be an actual woman, especially within the industry he commands such a position, an industry which imposes such demanding dress codes upon women. He does nothing to challenge this, or the male domination within his or any other industry, and clearly has no reservations about abusing the power he enjoys to gaslight others into perceiving him how he wants.

If anyone in the ‘trans community’ had even an iota of self-awareness, they would be able to see the damage Bunce is doing to whatever credibility they may believe their lifestyle has in the public eye, and how utterly ridiculous he is making all of them look.

For women in finance and any other male-dominated industry, in fact to all women, Bunce is the enemy.

Note: there are actually three males on this list, Nicci Take and Samantha Jayne Nelson being the other two.

Update: there is one other as Nelson is on a different list that’s part of the same thing ‘Top 50 Future Female Leader‘.

14 Replies to “So Brave, So Stunning: Pippa Bunce, the Transvestite Rebranded”

  1. Thank you Miranda for an excellent article.
    I refer to a comment on twitter from a man who quote som lines from Hanna Arendt.
    ‘Where she says that fascist are never content to merely lie, they must transform their lie into a new reality, and then must persuade people to believe in the unreality they’ve created’.
    This is the trans&queer and intersectional feminism today, acting in the totalitarism shadow, sometimes I doubt they even know that,…maybe? Dear Miranda, I miss you on Twitter. Best wishes and take care.

  2. Double ditto re: the above comments.
    I’m finding that we’re on a road towards The Emperor’s New Clothes Universe and that road is flanked by gaslight lampposts.

  3. Beautifully written as ever Miranda. I’ve a bunch of letters but love your writing.
    Just came back from the UK didn’t have time to look you up this visit but will next time.
    Hope you’re still running. ??‍♂️???‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  4. Thanks for this Miranda.
    I am deeply disturbed that this mans exhibitionism is not only tolerated but rewarded. Acting out his transvestite fantasies in the workplace and forcing his colleagues to indulge his sexual thrills by endorsing his ‘womanhood’ is an outrageous assault on the rights, consent and autonomy of individuals who cannot refuse to be used as capital in his wank-bank.
    I am even more disturbed and alarmed about his role advising the Guides about male inclusion at the expense of safeguarding girls.
    In the light of the challenors determined and not unsuccessful efforts to erase womens and girls rights to privacy, dignity and safety, jess bradleys exhibitionism, voyeurism and child incest porn, liliams open hostility to the females he is supposed to represent, the shockingly disproportionate rates of sex offending among transgender convicts, the intense interest in keeping GNC children pre pubertal, the popularity of pornography among this demographic.. and all the other clear evidence out there of a male sexual agenda why is nobody asking questions?
    Sorry if this is incoherent. It’s The Rage.

    1. I think you just articulated for me what is making my hackles rise… and it really disturbs me how many women are enabling this.

  5. Hello Miranda

    Lovely to meet you briefly on Saturday in the pub.
    Your writing is so clear and illuminating, it’s really helped me understand exactly what is going on right now.

    Woman with dog.

  6. As a woman I want to thank you for this. You express so eloquently exactly how very many women feel at this rather precarious of times.

  7. I’ve heard it said that Muslim women who went to HR at Credit Suisse to complain about Pippa Bunce using the ladies were told they should use the disabled facilities instead if they had objections. If this is true they ought to sue.

  8. So am I correct in my understanding that you are a biological male who is trans, and also has the self-awareness, intelligence and decency to speak up for us biological females against the prevailing gender identity ideology? Recognizing that “Transwomen are women” is both absurd and untrue, as well as potentially harmful to females in particular and society as a whole (besides having disturbing echoes of Orwell’s 1984 ‘we are at war with East Asia=we have always been at war with East Asia’)? If so, I salute you, my friend, and point out that the experience of vitriolic hatred and accusations of ‘transphobia’ you seem to have had for simply speaking your mind on the issue actually gives you the closest experience a trans person can have of what it is (really) like to be female… dismissed with some variant of “whatever, you crazy bitch-now shut up, get back in the kitchen, and make me some pie!” “I thought I told you to shut up, stupid slut!” *BASH!* “Look what you made me do, dumb c@&t! Stop crying, clean up the blood, and get the hell out of my sight before I kill you!” (That’s the rest of the typical real female experience of standing up/speaking out, BTW; though your picture suggests most males wouldn’t dare physically assault you)

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