Transsexual Voices Matter

So, the @TSVoices (Transsexual Voices Matter) Twitter and Facebook came and went and is back again. There’s plenty I could say about the group’s initial statement. The claim to be diagnosed with ‘rare acute forms of gender dysphoria’ is just silly because whatever gender dysphoria is, the justification for treatment is that the condition supposedly is chronic, and anyway what we know about male transsexualism points again to this being a chronic condition. There’s a lot of whining about how the identity of ‘transsexual’ is being swept aside by ‘transgender’, which is a fair argument and one I’ve used myself, but as usual it’s what the statement manages NOT to say that gives the game away, and add to that the continual claim to ‘woman’ throughout the statement lets us all see exactly what this is:

It remains to be seen whether this group stand for anything different. They could have specifically identified and condemned the use of ‘TERF’ and the attack on female homosexuality; if they’re that concerned about respecting female culture, spaces and the lives of women, I’d look for an explicit distancing from the use of ‘lesbian’, ‘mother’ and ‘woman’. Unfortunately many of ‘the good trans’ still can’t bring themselves to this more evolved point.

Remember TSRainCrew? Tried to sell themselves as the ‘good trans’ and made similar arguments about cultural distinction. Yet in reality their spokespeople ended up being just as big dicks as the gendersists they criticised.

If they’re going to be different, they actually have to be different. Else this is just another attempt to claim a higher spot on the validity hierarchy.

– my comment earlier (16 August) on the resulting @TSVoices Mumsnet thread

Of course there are many other things their self-serving statement omitted, like how for example homosexual and gender non-conforming minors are being instrumentalised by transgender activists in order to validate their own claim to identity, but I digress. What is properly amazing is how quickly this group reverted to classic male transgender activist behaviour. NO SURPRISES THERE.

It’s pointless my analysing these further as, of course, we have all seen this sort of shit before: if they’re going to be different they actually have got to be different. And here they have shown so clearly how they really are no different at all, and the whole thing was an exercise in claiming validity: how can you credibly complain about your own erasure when you and other members of your group so freely steal women’s language, culture and lives? Idiots.

@AngryBird ‘identifies as a mother’


The problem here of course is that the people who are speaking for this group simply do not listen to what women have to say, instead they brush off their concerns with a casual mansplain and lap up the validation cookies thrown them by all the women out there who really do want a world where they and transsexuals can stand together to face a common problem, or even just be able to get on with their own lives and battles in their own way, without interference from the Manosphere.

We remain strong allies of both reasonable women” can you not see how ridiculous you are?

Yes, transsexual voices matter, but again we are in the situation where these voices are elevated over and above the voices of women. No change there, then. In case I’m not making myself absolutely crystal clear, what I am saying to @TSVoices is, hear this: in the words of Pink Floyd ‘you’re just the same as all the rest’. And yes, that feeling of discomfort you are having right now is déjà vu.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I get to say exactly the same damn thing I have been saying for years:

  • Disavow any claim to ‘woman’ and ‘female’, including all subsets, ‘lesbian’, ‘mother’, ‘sister’ etc., these are never yours to take;
  • Clearly and unambiguously denounce male violence against women without exception or qualification or any other way you lot keep trying to wriggle your way out of it;
  • Affirm that human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals and that what you presently call ‘trans women’ are biologically male;
  • Be honest about gender, this means recognising autogynephilia as a primary cause of male transsexualism and that the entire concept of ‘living as a woman’ when applied to trans males is just sexism;
  • Use your activism to support the rights of transsexuals, but not at the expense of women, and not as is so clear in this case to claim a higher step on the validation hierarchy;
  • Don’t ever use threatening language to women, and while your’re working on that, learn to apologise for being a dick when you’ve been a dick;
  • Don’t try to undermine women’s voices by using the term ‘radfem’ as a synonym for extreme, just like you actually did;
  • Fight against today’s fashion of coding sex role nonconformity in children as these children being ‘born in the wrong body’, this is dishonest and incredibly cruel and should be right at the top of your agenda;
  • Recognise that your own interests are best served by repositioning the trans movement, not the women’s movement; and
  • Listen to women.

The End.


I was right. They are full of shit


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  1. They are revising their statement in the light of your’s and others’ criticisms from what I see on Twitter. I really hope you will be able to support the revised version. Everyone has been saying for years that TRAs don’t represent a lot of ordinary transgender/transsexual people, and if there is a chance that a significant number of these would speak out, it would be a pity if they changed their minds due to what they perceive as an attack and went back to the arms of the TRAs.

  2. I’m probably going to regret poking the bee’s nest, but still…

    Ok, so, I have two questions for our fearless author:

    1) So, Miranda, if the bulk of TW are AGP- are *you* AGP?

    2) Correct me if I’m wrong, but the end result of your suggestions seems to be that trans women (or “transsexual males”, if you prefer) should be considered a gender-nonconforming men (and therefore would presumably be obligated socially to use men’s spaces, e.g. bathrooms, changing rooms, etc, perhaps even regardless of surgical status)*. Obviously, society- and most gender-conforming men, especially- are not particularly kind to GNC men. So, what are *you* doing to educate your fellow man about being more accepting of GNC males?

    *If this isn’t the case, and say, transsexual males would be allowed to use the women’s restroom if they were post-op, then it seems to me this entire debate is ultimately a matter of semantics, and, frankly, we’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.

      1. hahaha, refusing to answer whether or not you’re AGP yet again, probably because you don’t want all those feminists to realize their lovely male ally is a classic late-transitioning autogynephile (complete with the inability to pass during a solar eclipse)

  3. Narcissists talking again about theirselves…

    I’m from Spain, but i have seen your blog and i have to say that you have all the reason in this matter….

    Here is starting to happen the same than in the UK, all for a fascist ideology…

    Thanks for your amazing work!!!

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