Hidden AGender: Drag Queens and Gender Identity in Schools

The propagation of drag queen story time in schools is less about lesbian and gay acceptance, rather it is all about pushing ideas about ‘gender identity’ which is these days used to describe an innate feeling of being female, or being male: of course this makes no sense, one cannot know how it feels to be anything other than oneself (see eg Wittgenstein’s ‘beetle in a box’). It reduces being a woman (or a man) to a feeling in someone’s head, and we are expected to believe this has priority over the characteristics of one’s sexed body in determining whether one is male or female.

One of the books chosen: boys who don’t fit in are thrown out of the ‘boy box’ and told they are girls.

This concept infers that boys who don’t like stereotypically boy things don’t ‘feel’ like boys and same for girls who don’t like stereotypically girl things: when you read diagnostic criteria for ‘trans kids’ or even the children’s narratives as explained by the parents, it’s all about clothes, hair styles and other activities that are stereotyped with the opposite sex. What is now happening is that sex-stereotypical behaviour in children that is contrary to the child’s actual sex is being taken to mean the child’s body does not match its personality. There is no scientific evidence nor coherent philosophical argument to support this position.

This is not about the acceptance of ‘diversity’ or any form of difference in children or anyone else. This is about the promotion of a sexist, homophobic and racist ideology that pathologises behaviour that doesn’t conform to socially conservative stereotypes. This same ideology tells lesbians and gay men they are ‘transphobic’ when they do not consider someone who feels they are the opposite sex, really are. It is used to justify rape and death threats made to lesbians, and violence against women.

Placing this ideology in schools is fundamentally against the interests of children and opposed to the widespread cultural acceptance of lesbians in particular, and also gay men.

Southend GBT Pride: another Pride that kicks the ‘L’ out.

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  1. The problems we all face….the paraphilic have usurped the lgbt….and..the P has a broader base….any male can be a P……
    Without acknowledging and defining those differences….and the impact on society….both negative and positive…..there can be no winners…
    This has to be an open honest discussion ……should there be lines..and if so…what are they and where are they to be put….and by whom…
    Nobody can mandate on desirability ……no one can be induced to desire another human…..it cannot be indoctrinated….it can only be given freely….

  2. I became clearly aware at age 8 that I was fundamentally different from other girls. I am SO thankful that in 1972 that there was no one suggesting that I was actually a boy, rather than a girl.

  3. Worth keeping in mind how many of these men are HIV positive.

    Quite serious since you have convicted child sex offenders, numbering two in the Houston area alone – around small children – who may be infected.

    The “measured” rates of HIV infection are 14% overall with guys who call themselves women. In 2019 Black and Hispanic infection rates are 44% and 26%.

    And between 2014 and 2015, up to 2/3 of these lady men [in 28 jurisdictions], had not been tested.

    In 2014 – Obama era, over half the Black male to female trannies were HIV infected.

    Pushing kids towards transgenderism is effectively a lamb to slaughter – especially for a male who takes on a female persona.

    Worth have a closer look at the people brought into schools, so kids can be bounced on their laps.


    1. I really don’t know that the outside risk of contracting HIV would be foremost in my mind if I were a parent – I’d be far, far more concerned about the risk of them being molested or even “just” groomed by a paedophile (given that 2 sex offenders have been found to slip through the cracks in the US Drag Queen Storytime Program). You are very highly unlikely to contract HIV from someone unless you have certain kinds of unprotected sex or share blood products with an infected person. In any case, I don’t know what the statistics regarding gay men vs the general prison population in the US are, but it seems to me that many of those who volunteer for Drag Queen Storytime are ex-cons, not transgender individuals.

      Realistically, if I were a parent I’d be most concerned about the very definite risk of having my child indoctrinated into gender identity ideology, the notion that only “men” and “women” may behave in certain, highly prescribed ways. That, to me is the most objectionable part. If I had a child I’d want them to know that they can take up any interest, hobby or passion, no matter what (so long as it’s not impinging on somebody’s rights) and I’d still accept them. People are valuable for who they are, not what they do. How dare schools undermine this idea! They’re certainly doing this in the UK at the moment, as far as I can see from having read and watched the new Sex Education & “LGBT+ Acceptance” syllabi. It’s outrageously audacious in its promotion of gender identity ideology while doing very little to quell actual homophobia, as far as I can see. I agree with Miranda utterly on this point.

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